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Picking up Moonraker!!!

Looks like an advert doesn't it!! Some of the other vans in...

Back in the garage for the 3rd time! We finally drive away...

Goodbye Spaceships and thanks for all your help!!!

Mmmmmmm romantical beanage

One for the geeks - some of the storage space under the...

Austen the mong trying to work out how to put the back...

I've worked it out!!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

Watching "Flight of the Concordes" dvd in bed. They're from NZ and...

Nite nite y'all. The extened bit at the back is for all...

Funnily enough we were up quite early this morning!!!

We got washed 'n' dressed and then got screwed by a taxi out to the industrial area of Auckland (Penrose) to pick-up the Camper Van that will be our home for the next 5 weeks!

we were very very excited about that, however our hearts sank as we discovered in the small print when we got there that you have to have had your licence for over a year. Doh!! I think Em's had hers for about 8 months or something and mine is, erm, mine, hmmm......

Hoping that our bad luck from the previous day had stopped we filled everything in and got a little explanation of how to work the van, and then off we MOONRAKER (the name of the van. The one that went out 5 minutes before us was called "Flap" so we were very happy about our one!!!)!!!

WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Nothing was mentioned about the licence so we were stoked...............right up until about 5 minues later when the radio/dvd player packed in!!!

So we turned around and took it back and basically got told it was fine and that we had made it up!!!! Nice!

So the engineer had a look and 'fixed' it so off we headed again.

We have decided to head North from Auckland first then come back through the North Island and then cross over to the South Island after that. So we decided to get to a camp site just North of Auckland (Northcote) just in case the stereo packed up again.......and guess what - just as we parked up in the caravan park it did!!!

So we called Spaceship again and they told us that the van had had previous problems (didn't tell us that when they told us we were making it up!) with the stereo and that we would have to change vans either that evening or the following day. We were absolutely knackered by this point after no real sleep yesterday but we decided to sort it out now rather than later.

We got back to the garage just before it closed and changed vans (from MOONRAKER to ELECTRON!!).

Em didn't like this one as much as it didn't feel as 'cosy' which to be fair it didn't - but at least the stereo/dvd player worked, and as soon as we got back to the camp site and sorted our stuff out it was alllllll cool!!!

We were so knackered by this point we could hardly keep our eyes open and after our beans on toast Valentines dinner we were ready to collapse to bed - however the guys listening to Euro House music in the challet opposite kept everyone awake for a good while yet! Then some old lady shouted at them and that seemed to do the trick!!!

Another long and frustrating day, and sorry for all this moaning, but we're just soooo tired man!!!!

Hopefully tomorrow will all be groovy!


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