leaving Georgia into Alabama

Dave making face about how long the drive is going to be.

Along I-10 entering Mississippi, the drive almost over...

beautiful, along the beach and waterfront

Beaches looking great now

`We ate a seafood lunch here at McElroys, was excellent

At lunch we had views of the Gulf of Mexico

Back in business is Sharkeys, wiped out by hurricane Katrina.

FAMCAMP office

Our spot for 2 nites

We left Pointes West about 8:30 a.m. with Rebecca driving the first segment. Along the way Dave checked the iPhone weather for forecasts for towns to the west on I-20 and towns along I-10. Because the temps were about 8 to 10 degrees warmer along I-10 that is where we went. Following I-20 to Atlanta, then south on I-85 to its terminus and south on I-65 toward Mobile, Alabama, then finally west on I-10 to Biloxi, Mississippi and Keesler AFB FAMCAMP. The drive was 527 miles and 10 hours driving through 3 states, we were glad to see it end. It was way, way more than our usual 250 miles or less. Driving with heavy headwinds our fuel mileage was way down. Our Normal 11.5 mpg went to 8.9 to 9.9 mpg. But we didn't get out of the cold, just made it a little warmer, we still suffered a low of 26 degrees for Tuesday morning.

NOTE: First time this ever happened to us. When we pulled in our slides at Pointes West the main slide had some water on the slide cover. During the trip, it was cold enough to freeze the whole bundle of cloth and water within it, into a frozen bundle. So, when it came time to push that slide out, the now frozen roll did not come unrolled easily, slowing down the movement of the slide. And with one Big Bang, the slide came crashing down the 1 inch it had risen and held up by the frozen roll of slide cover cloth! In doing so, however, it also pulled both ends of the metal brakets attached to the side of the coach. All this gives Dave something to do with his spare time on our next stop when it's a little warmer.

Enjoy the pics...

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