displaying birthday balloons and flowers Rebecca rec'd

in the backyard for birthday gathering

Rebecca serves up cake

l to r, Dave, Sarah, Rebecca

space E-3 is our home for 11 days

The entry sign

our rv site E 3 shades us most of the day

a beautiful lake to walk around in the evenings

watch the geese and the ducks, look for fish and such.

we weren't disappointed on our first walk

you don't have to have an RV to come to these parks.

bring your putters or sign one out and play

Mr Forest Lake guarding the tobacco barn, got a peanut?

something for everyone to do

this used to be a tobacco farm

here's one of the barns where the "bacy" was cured.

tells some of the story.

As we drive away from Augusta are hearts are left to remember the good time we had here with our oldest son, David. He and girlfriend, Sarah treated us to lunches and dinners, a fireworks display beyond compare in the count park, showed us Aiken, and last but certainly not least, gave a birthday party for Rebecca. David and his friends tossed a great birthday party for Rebecca in the backyard of his home. She says, “The 70th was hard to deal with and comprehend but this one, the 71st is easier. Those of us who are around Rebecca know that she plays well with others like someone 15 years younger! Her health is good, she walks with ease, plays golf, does Sudoku puzzles and more. Rebecca attributes her good health to this traveling lifestyle, eating right and taking care of the one life she's been given.

The drive from Pointes West Army FAMCAMP to Lexington was longer than we expected. The 273 miles was supposed to be 185 according to one mapping estimate, YIKES! Rebecca started out our day by driving through the countryside of South Carolina on county highways and US highways. Dave took over shortly before we landed on I-85 heading north.

Thousand Trails Forest Lake is one of our favorite preserves. We find it more serene than some others and it's got a interesting historic past. We'll be here for 11 days. We don't have many goals for this stop, just to rest up alittle from the busy schedule we had in Augusta and do some reading.

There are many reasons to come to this area. Found in the middle of the state, the Piedmont region is filled with rolling hills, growing skylines, picturesque farms, intriguing museums, legendary golf courses and exciting music venues. In our booklet from the RV park we find just a few of the more obvious things to do. Including the following, RCR Racing Museum (47,000 sq. ft. of NASCAR history), Mrs Hanes Handmade Moravian Cookies (Oprah likes them and so do we), Boone’s Cave Park (Daniel Boone lived in this area), Childress Vineyards (we like the wines and bistro), Lexington BBQ Festival (held last Sat of Oct, be there!), Joppa Cemetery (interesting graveyard containing the graves of Squire and Sarah Boone parents of Daniel), 30 wineries within 30 minutes drive, more than 400 vineyards and 100 wineries throughout the state!

When we finished setting up, it was dinner time. Dave drove the mile down the road to Tarheel Q for a meal deal of; a pound of chopped pork, pint of sauce, 2 pints of slaw and 12 buns. He became Rebeccas' hero, once again...

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