We arrive in New Hampshire

Apple Hill Cmpgrd

our setup in space 18, this time of the year most cmpgrds,...

the fabulous wooded roads of Apple Hill.

A family owned RV park, we're permitted to have apples, all were...

nice little pond to contemplate next.

Rebecca adds our 44th state decal to the map!

an old cog train on display

there are a few covered bridges in the area.

General John Stark local hero, has town named after him!

BG John Stark

At one of the several summits in the mountains

Flume Gorge HQ

about the Flume hike

glaciers were here long ago

glaciers helped make this gorge

wow, how narrow can it get?

it's beautiful up here.

near the top of the gorge hike. the water goes over board!

made it to the top, now it's down we go, to see...

bridge made from the wood of only one tree that stood on...

the pool swirls below

Haven't seen a live moose yet, this is our token moose

metal art

oh, there's a moose, another token moose

closeup of the work

YIKES, we saw the movie

saw this one, too

is this "heavy metal guitar"

some of the cool inside art

Mount Washington Resort

Mount Washington in the distance and the cog train rail on the...



We left Moody Beach in the rain heading north and west, but only a few miles up the road the sun was shining. The drive of 167 miles was easy, with Rebecca driving the first half. This stop amounts to our 44 state and counting! We found the Apple Hill Campground, we're staying under Passport America membership, in the country outside the town of Bethlehem. Robert, the owner, was very gracious in accepting our forwarded mail and later even running down errant packages that were momentarily lost! As the name implies, there are apple trees, a few, and we tried them. All we had to say was yummy! We learned this quaint town has notoriety for being the highest elevation of towns east of Mississippi! With only three nights, two days of touring, we'll have to move fast to see things we have planned.

Two days later. The first day touring was a long beautiful drive through the countryside, along a couple routes of Americas Byways. Our route took us through the North woods, White Mountains, Notches, Valleys and river valleys, nice little towns and such. This is truly beautiful country with vistas beyond imagination. Our second day out, we went to the historic Mount Washington Hotel at Bretton Woods where we took in all the old time opulence. Later, we drove to the Flume Gorge State Park. There we took a short, 3.4 mile walk along their trails up the gorge along the river and thru the woods. Wow, what a fabulous place and a great experience.

Another place to visit for the intrepid traveler to this town of Bethlehem is a little eclectic art studio/curio gallery. Indian Brook Trading Company had huge metal welded art pieces out front of their store. But, it's what's on the inside of the store that counts! Fabulous, local artist make wooden lamps, tables and there are more metal art, too. Owner, Maime, told us that the large metal pieces are from a studio in Thailand then shipped to her. All those articulated arms and moving things, wow! All the art was too big for our RV but, if we had a stick home...

About the leaves. We've had several cold nights, a couple even down as low as 36, bringing about a quick turn of color. The subtle yellows have become more widespread on the tips of branches. There are now even more oranges coming out and certainly more red showing in the sweet gums and dying off of snow ball bushes.

After this short stay, we determined next time through New Hampshire will have to be several weeks long to take advantage of the terrific fishing in the area and see some things we didn't have time for this round.

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