Coombs Country Store with grass roof and goats..

It is a huge store with items from all over the world..

Pictures from inside the store..


Jerry checking out the hot sauces..







Meats from all over the world and locally ..

We had poutine and it was huge too, enough for several meals..

Jerry enjoying his..

More stores with just fruit and vegetables..

Goats on the roof.. so cool! :-)

More cool stores in Coombs..


Last one, this is the famous Nanaimo Bar we bought at the...

We had a fun day driving down the coast to visit Coombs Old Country Market. Coombs Old Country Market is located near Parksville and has a huge variety of unique shops to browse and many tasty dining choices. We also got to see the famous ‘Goats on the Roof’ who dine on the grass covered roof of the market.

Inside, we saw a plethora of international imported food items, an extensive deli, fresh baked goods and desserts. We bought one of the famous Nanaimo Bars and split it when we got home. We were too full to eat after having the local dish called poutine. It has fries on the bottom with some kind of delicious gravy or sauce, layered with cheese and then topped with bacon and chives with sour cream. It was yummy, we could only eat about a third of it, we will get three meals on this one. :-) The stores cover acres of land, we only visited two of them today, we will be going back for sure. Check back later for more from Vancouver Island.

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