Loading the ferry in the was pouring..

We were happy they had plenty of room ...

Arriving in Victoria..

Our site in Nanaimo..we love it!!

Ocean view from our site..

Love the privacy shrubs at each site..

Last one..let the fun begin. :-)

We boarded the ferry early this morning. We were happy to see they gave the RV’s plenty of room on the ferry. We boarded one before that was only inches apart, this one was much better. We had some really high waves and wind during the crossing, everything was rocking and rolling. We were very happy to arrive in Victoria. :-)

We had our passports ready with all important papers from car insurance to tag registrations. A very nice man checked all our papers and sent us on our way. The drive to our destination in Nanaimo was about 65 miles. It was raining so hard, we didn't see much of anything. We arrived in Nanaimo about 5 P.M. We are all set up in our beautiful new site for a month. We are right on the water where the Nanaimo River meets the sea, it is incredible.

I am pasting a bit of info below from Wikipedia about Nanaimo. We can’t wait to explore this area and much more. Check back later for more.

Nanaimo /nəˈnaɪmoʊ/ (Canada 2011 Census population 83,810) is a city on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. It is known as "The Harbor City." Previously known as the "Hub City" because of its original design where the streets radiated out from the shoreline like the spokes of a wagon wheel.[3] It has also been known as the "Bathtub Racing Capital of the World" and is today fondly known as the "Hub, Tub and Pub City" because of its association with bathtub racing.

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