Our first stop was the Surfside Resort..

This area is loaded with birds..

Canada geese and more..

I believe these are Ruddy Ducks, will have to check that blue...

Loved the hummingbird painting on this one..

The sites are right on the beach, but pricey at $1500 a...

Beautiful mountain views too..

We loved the waterfront walkway in Parksville Beach...

The tide was way out today..

View of the walkway along the beach..

Parksville Resort ...

View of the water..

Last one!

We visited several campgrounds today in the beautiful area of Parksville and Qualicum, BC. One very high end resort was the Surfside RV Resort. This one is right on the beach, most of the sites were already taken at the high price of $1500 per month for summer months. Yikes! We are only paying $425 per month now. We are wishing we had reserved more than two months, there is so much to see and do on this beautiful island, it will definitely take more than two months. We are planning to drive to the other side of the island soon, the Pacific side, and check out some campgrounds there too.

The beautiful beach in Parksville has a walkway all along the water and the whole area was loaded with birds. I am adding pictures of the area and hope you enjoy, it was incredible. Check back later for much more from Vancouver Island.

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