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YAY! We pulled into the ferry terminal just as they were loading the last few vehicles and were allowed to join the queue!

The ferry was huge! Inside the lower car deck where we parked, there was also a car ramp leading to an upper car deck. After the car infront of us made it up the ramp, it was raised. Eventually, it became part of the ceiling to the lower car deck --you wouldn't have even known there was car ramp there if you hadn't seen it yourself. Neat.

There were 8 decks on this ship and some of the things onboard included a cafeteria, proper sized pub, movie theatre, and a 3 tiered glassed atrium/solarium with tables and chairs at the rear of the boat. We sat in the atrium and enjoyed the panoramic views. It was a very pleasant 3hr journey!

We were the last vehicle on the boat but one of the first of the boat. Gotta like that!!!! As a result, we beat all the rows of campervans to the camp site!! We got a great site and were well into doing our laundry before the hoards arrived. YAY!

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