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After a good night of sleep, we awoke early, surprised to see a solid overcast sky.

That didn’t deter us as we sipped our coffee and then made things ready for the road.

We pulled out of Deer Creek RV Park in Topeka right at 7:15, and five hours later, arrived at High Plains Campground in Oakley, Kansas.

The skies cleared after we passed Abilene and the trip was smooth and uneventful.

I managed to get a whopping 10.2 mpg for the trip while Marilyn’s little car, “Casper II”, showed me up by getting a measly 44.2 mpg.

Too bad it won’t pull the fifth wheel. LOL

The office was closed but the Pub was open and one of the ladies there walked over to the office with us and checked us in.

Once we were set up, Marilyn & I walked over to the restaurant, called the “Colonial Steakhouse”.

It seems that all of the people who used to be there, are gone.

The Buffet is not nearly what it was and the service was mediocre at best.

The fried chicken was as good as ever, but I can’t say much for the rest of the food.

Marilyn & I agreed that we should simply try the pub at the campground next time.

After lunch we walked back to the RV and relaxed, thinking maybe we could sit outdoors later.

The weather was great all day and we enjoyed the trip, although we are always happy to get off the road in five hours or less.

So now we’ll sit in Oakley and keep an eye on the weather again.

The plan, if all goes well, is to be at Mountaindale around noon tomorrow.

Then we’ll say again, happily, that Life is Good!

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