Ucluelet is where the Pacific Rim Trail starts...


Ucluelet Harbor..

Lots of unusual decor.. :-)

We had some chicken wings in this cool restaurant..

Jerry enjoyed checking out the sauces..

The very rocky and rugged beach in Ucluelet..

My best picture of the lighthouse...

The picture from their site was much better..:-)


The Wild Pacific Trail starts here too..

This cool Princess Canada ship is now a restaurant..

Back on the drive, the Pacific Rim National Park..

Our next stop was Chesterman Beach, one of many beautiful beaches in...


It was a short walk to the beach..

Wowser beach, even with the tide way out..

Lots of wood on the beach like in Washington ...

Last one from the beach..

Arriving in Tofino, the next update will cover Tofino Swell Lodge..

Our next stop on the drive was the beautiful little town of Ucluelet. The word Ucluelet (pronounced you-KLEW-let) is a local First Nations word meaning "safe harbor". Archaeological evidence indicates the presence of First Nations for at least 4300 years, and the area was settled in 1870 by fur sealers. Along with learning about Ucluelet's history, a key highlight for tourists is the easily accessible Wild Pacific Trail, which offers spectacular vistas of the Pacific Ocean and wildlife viewing opportunities. Recreational activities include surfing, fishing, whale watching, kayaking, camping, hiking, storm watching, biking, swimming, and beachcombing.

We stopped and had lunch in Ucluelet before driving to the beach area. We were surprised to see Ucluelet Lighthouse. At Amphitrite point the Ucluelet Lighthouse sits on the rocks, waves crashing around it. The vista from the point is incredible. Currently unmanned, the lighthouse draws many people to Ucluelet each year. I could not get a great picture of the lighthouse where I was, I borrowed one from the city website. :-) We enjoyed visiting the harbor and the beach very much before heading on to Tofino.

We also drove through parts of the Pacific Rim National Park. The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is a Canadian national park reserve in British Columbia comprising three separate regions: Long Beach, the Broken Group Islands, and the West Coast Trail. The entire reserve encompasses over 300 miles of land and ocean. It is characterized by rugged coasts and lush temperate rain forests. We will be visiting much of the park during our stay in Tofino. Check back later for more, we have three days to discover this indredible area.

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