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After a great night of sleep, Marilyn & I were up a little after 6:00 AM, anxious to get started.

We had only 100 miles to travel today, a much shorter travel day than we usually do.

We have been parked in Hannibal since April 6th and Hitch Itch had a good hold on us.

We did take our time this morning, in the wet, muddy, conditions, getting ready to leave.

I did pretty well with the bum arm, and we were ready to go in decent time. It was 8:20 when we pulled out of the Mark Twain Cave Campground.

The route was familiar to us, though we had never pulled the RV on these roads. Living in Monroe City for over 20 years certainly made the roads around here memorable to us.

It was 10:15 when we pulled into Cottonwood RV Park in Columbia, MO.

This is a very nice, clean, well maintained, RV Park.

In spite of the fact that the Sites are close together, they have all of the expected amenities and more. Marilyn took pictures which I will share with you dear readers.

It was so nice to be set up in dry conditions.

The RV is filthy dirty, as is the truck, from the rain, leaves, and mud we brought with us from Hannibal.

I hate having the water hose and power cord being so dirty, too. I tried to wipe them as clean as possible as I rolled them up, but they were still muddy when we set up here in Columbia, MO.

Marilyn swept the floor and shook the rugs before we left for lunch at the Cracker Barrel, a few miles away.

Tomorrow is our 52nd wedding anniversary and we may spend part of it at a shopping mall, just wandering around and having a good time.

The RV will be in the shop having a Modification done to the suspension. It is called “Straight Line Towing” and our friend, Bob, says it did a nice job with his Coach, which is nearly identical to ours.

Most of the afternoon was spent relaxing with a book for me, while Marilyn returned to her cross-stitch project.

Both of us felt that we enjoyed the time just fine!

Life is Good!

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