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Let the walk commence

The path cut into the mountian side


After all the stressing of whether or not to do the trek to Choquequirau I finally decided on going it alone without the aid of a tour. I rented all the gear I would need in Cusco last night, bought up plenty of food and headed off to begin my adventure early this morning.

I got up at 5'am and caught a taxi to the bus terminal just in time to jump on a bus to the start/finish point of my trek Cachora, some 3 hours west of Cusco.

The three hour journey was extremely scenic and the mountain range seemed to grow the further we travelled. Snow capped mountains towering over 5000m pierced the clouds and created an unforgettable landscape.

After being dropped off at the road junction down to Cachora I needed to get in a collectivo (basically an estate car turned into an all you can carry taxi) to make the journey to the town nestled in the valley below. The mud road was a disgrace but it will serve to keep the tourist buses away for the time being at least. After being dropped off I went on the search for a man and mule combo to aid my trip. I quickly acquired Amer a happy chappy and a couple of donkeys and within half an hour we were off.

The walk today was relatively hard but as I have been told nothing compared to whats in store tomorrow. Today was a warm up, but my ankles and calves sure got a good workout. The first hour involved mainly flat walking before we slowly began to descend into the valley down a tough zig-zag which never seemed to end. After five hours on the canyon hugging path we arrived at our first campsite for the night at Chacisca. Good job too because I was hungry and the first meal of noodles and meat was cooked by my fair hand on my rented stove. It's like being back at Scouts.

By half six the light had gone and the only thing to do was go to bed.

Day 305 complete

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