We had breakfast at Tuff Beans before driving back to Nanaimo..

The scenery made the drive home go by fast..:-)

Big Foot sighting on the RV ahead..:-)

Arriving back in Nanaimo..

Last one, Spotted Towhee at our's good to be back home..:-)

We stopped at Tuff Beans for breakfast before our drive back to Nanaimo. The drive back was much faster, we didn’t make hundreds of stops like we did on the way. :-) We just took our time and enjoyed the beauty on the way back.

This is one of the most beautiful areas we have seen in Canada. We love the town of Nanaimo too, you can’t go wrong anywhere on this awesome island. We have gone as far as we can on the Pacific side of the island, our next goal will be to explore the top of the east side of the island.

When we got back home we had lots of birds at our feeders, I managed to snag a picture of the Spotted Towhee. We will be resting for a few days before heading to the top of the east side of the island, check back later for more from Vancouver Island.

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