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at the local ball drop

2020 is in the rear view mirror. To listen to the media, you would think that we can all rush out and resume our normal lives. If only this were so. Brevard County, the spot where we are spending the winter, has begun to distribute the vaccine. They started with medical workers as everyone has in the rest of the country, but the next priority group in Florida is people over 65. Although we may benefit from being in this category, it feels wrong to favor us over people whose jobs required them to be in regular contact with others such as teachers. We can stay in hiding here for quite a while with little exposure. I believe that the rest of the country is cutting off the senior citizen group at 75 which would also eliminate us, but the governor here feels that the vast majority of fatal COVID cases have occurred in our age group and wants to increase the likelihood that we will make it to the end of 2021. According to census data 24% of Brevard residents are over 65, about 146,000. You can imagine that when the public health department opened up for appointment calls, the phone system quickly went down. By the time they switched to a web based booking system, all the appointment slots were filled. We were happy to hear that being non-residents will not be an obstacle to getting an injection, but for now we are out of luck. At this rate it will take months just to work through the senior citizens, but it sounds like more vaccine is on the way. States are struggling with how to distribute them, hard to believe since we have long been promised that we would have them by election day and the men at the top assured us they had it under control. We haven't tried to vaccinate this many people rapidly since we were kids.

Since we have no travel reservations until the end of the summer, we'll just stay here and wait for our turn. We are grateful that Brevard County is not using the first come, first served approach. We've heard that geezers started queueing outside in the middle of the night, waiting over 12 hours for their shots. This might have made sense in our Woodstock days, but did nothing to promote the continued health of our brethren.

This final winter holiday was less depressing than Thanksgiving and Christmas since it has been years since we have tried to celebrate it in anything approaching traditional ways. There is nothing better than to be on a cruise ship on New Year's Eve. In retirement we always spend NYE recording the next RV Navigator podcast which is available for download the first of every month. Listeners seem to enjoy it more than the others, probably because there is champagne involved. Before we got out the microphone we golf carted over to a nearby street which has the best Christmas decorations and also hosts an outdoor block party every 12/31. We thought they might give it a go since it takes place outside but like everything else, it was canceled except for the ball drop which normally occurs long before midnight. But the ball's owner kindly agreed to photograph us pretending to be in celebration mode.

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