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Evening at Kapsali

At 6 we went for a swim. The water was calm and warm. Numerous times we were nipped by small fish that swam around us. Especially on places where we had scratches or insect bites. They must sense blood!! On the way back an elderly Greek gentleman checked K and S out, although they were oblivious!

We went to tea at Kapari where we enjoyed a variety of appetisers and salads, plus a bottle of Kytherian Rose. Keftedes, taramasalata, quinoa salad, Mediterranean salad, avocados and prawns, fried cheese with pomegranate.

K flirted with the waiter - at least it seemed like it! She wanted a printed paper table cloth , but he gave her a card! A nice meal, with mangy cats, and vapers causing some annoyance.

On the way back to Aphrodite we popped into get some tea bags, and the shopkeeper gave K and S a melon. J was miffed as he had to pay for his yesterday.

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