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Up to Lac La Hache

Rainy day travels

North on Hwy 97 through many tunnels in the mountain

China Bar Tunnel, 1960, one of the longest in NoAmer, 2300'

Low fog crawling over the hills

We are on Gold Rush Trail with road closing warning bar

Also still on the Heritage Discovery Trail

More thick morning fog

The highway winds along the mountain edges

Still experiencing morning fog

Still following the Fraser River

Very winding road cut close to the mountain

Sharp turn of the river

Concrete wall holds the river back

Very tight turn under railroad bridge

A work truck on the rails across the river

Probably meeting up with this worker

This area now has desert landscape

A railroad tunnel across the river

Very old, small wooden church

Some houses along the lake with desert all around

Cooks's Ferry Indian Band of First Nation's People

Thompson River now

Really long train traveling along the Thompson

Raining again

Such a gloomy, cloudy day

Pasture land and desert landscape

Our very relaxed passenger

The calf butts the bull in the head after this photo

Rest stop along the river

Stopping to make lunch and let an engine cool

Just a decorative water wheel

Small community church

Ranch and "Cemetary 1861"


More cattle pastures

Finally some blue sky peeking through

Lovely Birch Trees

Lac La Hache is a long narrow lake, blue dot is us

We have arrived

Our camp for the next two nights

Lovely day at the lake

Islands in the lake with morning fog

Ron watching Larry fly his drone

Keith & Lisa

Drone photo of the islands

Drone photo of me and our three rigs

More drone photos of the lake

Small creek runs through the campground to the lake

A Kokanee Sockeye Salmon

Traveling to just past Lac La Hache to Kokanee Bay Motel & Campground on the lake, up on Canada Highway 97. Our trip was 4 hours and 15 minutes and 217.7 miles.

The trip was longer for several reasons. Slower driving due to the rain, and secondly because Keith was having problems with his engine loosing power on up hill grades. We all stopped once to let his engine recuperate, and another time we pulled over to fix lunch and let his engine recuperate. Then as we came to a town called 100 Mile House, there was a Chevy dealer (their motorhome engine is a Chevy). We all pulled over and Keith went in to talk to a service writer who check their computer chip. Between Keith and Ron and the service writer they determined it was a sensor problem that was easily fixed with a part next time we run across an Auto Parts store.

There were winding roads and grades northbound with signs cautioning animal sightings, but there were none. We were along the Fraser River until it connected with the Thompson River, then we were following along the Thompson. The highway and the Railroad both follow along the river.

In one pasture of cattle I snapped the photo then watched the calf in the lower right of the picture walk up to the bull and butt him in the head as he was eating. Papa bull head butted him back, sending him scurrying away.

We pulled into Kokanee Bay RV and set up on the grass with full hook ups (but lousy, weak 30 amp.) However, the view of Lac La Hache was spectacular. The downside: hoards of mosquitoes. We put up with them for a while sitting outside then decided to walk across the highway to the fuel station that has a Café. The place was empty, but the server was friendly. The food was all good (having to take some home due to the large portions) and we all lingered in the café socializing.

The next day all three guys were washing the coaches and cars of all the mud and dirt from the rainy travel day. The campground water is very hard water so took a lot of effort to buff off the water spots.

It was a warm 80° and there were pontoon boats on the lake, with a light breeze. We sat outside at lake’s edge for a while then moved under the shade of the trees. By then the mosquitoes decided it was their dinner time, so we migrated into our coach for social time and discussion of our next stop, which was decided quickly. A spirited discussion was had as Keith & Lisa had just been watching the final recorded episodes of the Voice and Ron & Tina discussed the fine details of all the contestants.

Everyone went off to have dinner, Larry walked around outside to chat with arriving campers, all on their way to Alaska. A couple from Washington, a few from California. I’m sure we will see them along the way again.

Larry tried his hand again at his drone flying, capturing photos of the lake and campground. I learned from one of the fishermen that the RV Park name, Kokanee, is one of the fish in this lake. It is a land locked sockeye salmon.

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