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Volunteer, Kari Stuhmer Wearing Beer Stein Glasses

Booths and Tables in Activities Center

Fireman Discussing Operation of Various Types of Fire Extinguishers

Fireman Setting Fire

Participant Extinguishing Fire

Participant (CARE Resident, Nina Dobyns) Extinguishing Fire

Today at the Escapees Activity Center we celebrated Oktoberfest. The weather was chilly and damp but it didn’t actually rain.

There was a morning marketplace with vendors, artisan crafts and other activities. The major activity of the day was the 35th annual dessert auction to raise funds to support the Livingston Volunteer Fire Department. It brought in $9,336!! That beat our record, which was set last year.

This morning the firemen discussed the features and purposes of various types of fire extinguishers. To demonstrate them, they set a fire in a container and then let a participant use an extinguisher to put out the fire. Then they would set a fire again and repeat the process. They recommended that we buy larger extinguishers than those which RV manufacturers include. They told us that, each month, we should shake our extinguishers to keep the retardant from caking at the bottom. I asked about the small aerosol extinguishers for the kitchen and was told that they are good for small kitchen fires.

Evening festivities included Oktoberfest food, a beer garden and live music. Alas, the music was not the “proper” German music. Of course, in this part of Texas (unlike in Central Texas), people of German descent are not so common.

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