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A bit of colour to the sunrise, over North Sioux City

Leaving Iowa, one more time, on to Minnesota

A farmer's road covered in snow, say it isn't so!

At the rest stop where we stopped for lunch, just inside the...

Not taking long to get out of there, gas is bubbling out...

Parked for the night, Albert Lea/Austin KOA, MN

Today is an quick day... the plan is only 4 hours of driving and then to stop for a relaxing afternoon. With this in mind we were packed and rolling by 8:10... brrr it was a chilly 40F and didn't want to think about what it was going to be like when we got home.

With the GPS up and running, we followed the directions confidently... until we hit the first set of construction mess-ups and we were lost. Since the exit we were supposed to take was gone/not correctly marked, we ended up going in what seemed like circles around the historic Sioux City streets. Finally, with Michelle doing the old school map flipping and folding thing, we found a way out of downtown and we were back in Iowa headed north to Minnesota. Oh yeah and now the GPS was working again.

Looking at the scenery this morning as we drove, we could see that things have flattened out from yesterday. The hills today were farther apart and we were now into slow rolling fields. Being on the boring interstate it was a sudden shock to see little piles of what looked like snow on the side of the road. Being visitors to the area and not wanting to look like tourists, we resisted the silly urge to stop and touch it. But today, with the 30mph cross winds from the south, we were sure the snow wouldn't last. The fields were still soaked from the last dumping of melted snow and with the rain coming in tomorrow we're sure it was not making it easy for the farmers to get their crops in.

Something we noticed was that the Canada Geese that we saw were only in pairs, no large flocks on the move. Did we miss it or are they still on their way?

Our GPS some how today had been first programmed to take us to the neighbouring State Park campground. The staff said they couldn't give us a spot if they wanted to as they're still closed due to downed power lines from earlier storms. Looks like everyone here had a rough winter. A quick reprogramming and we were finally at our destination just down the road. The KOA we are at has no water for us to hook up to but it's okay for us, we carry some in our RV tanks. Having parked the bus for the day, we looked around and of course - a major interstate behind us, minor interstate and a train track in front, and its a given - we're in a campground! The soil in the park was soft so we had to be careful driving the heavy bus around their muddy roads. We were told they've had bad storms and flooding so it has been catch up for them trying to clear up the downed trees and other work to get the park ready for today's opening day.

PS: Having finished setting up we check online and heard about Notre Dame, so sad. We were their for our 25th anniversary and we spent a long time climbing the towers, exploring the different areas and just sitting in the pews soaking up the significance of this special place.

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