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Glasgow con’t

There was a Navel base here during the Cold War with Russia. Lots of US service men. battleships and war heads. In 1992 the Navy was pulled out and the economy suffered.

The hills on this side of Scotland also have deer. Some the size of the Michigan white tail and some the size of small swamp deer like Florida. They are going to try to introduce wolves back into the highlands but very slowly and with care.

There is a colony of Walabees ( small kangaroos) on an island in Loch Lomond. Someone brought them here as pets and turned them loose. Occasionally one swiims ashore and gets hit by a vehicle.

There is always lots of talk of clan chiefs, royalty, and Mary Queen of Scots who became queen at 5 years old. She had to be taken to France for protection. To hard to follow the history that took place from the 1400’s

Rob Roy Mac Gregor of movie fame was in real life a cattle rustler.

Our day ended in the dining room with you guessed it a helping of Hargis on top of mashed potatoes for each of us to try. It had a grainy texture and not a lot of meat taste which organ meat usually has but kind of spicy.

We did not order a full portion.

Then we went to see the show which was a ventriloquist who does not use puppets for most of his act. His wife is also a ventrilogist, pregnant and they would exchange voices. He was on Britain’s Got Talent came in 11th. Lots of interaction with the audience. Belly laugh funny. They broke the Guinness book of records for entertainment on the most cruise ships in the shortest amount of time.

June 25 .....I had no entry but a sea day is usually pretty tame day of napping, washing bras in the sink, and playing cards. Mary and I went to the cinema and watched 15:17 about the three US men, 2 in the military, who took down a terrorist on the train to Paris. The very train we took. It is a wonderful movie about the boys early childhood and how anyone can be a hero. Most everyone was in tears by the ending. A movie that makes you proud to be an American, which is not easy in Europe right now.

We have also been adopted by an elderly Dutchman who we think has the hots for Mary.

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