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Carpes at empty Ohio Fairgrounds Campgrounds

Buggy sharing U.S. 20 near Shipshewana

Some buggies pull trailers
Were the horses consulted about this???

Back in Ohio on U.S. 30

We visit with Kevin (left) and Barb (right) Wholever
They treated us to...

Wed, 08 Aug: Heading east...

After a week in Elkhart Indiana, today we relocated to Columbus Ohio. This wasn't originally in our plans, but what with our fridge "woes" we've reverted to Plans "B" thru "Q" (or thereabouts) so what's with plans now? Anyway, since we were "in the area" Bob wanted to attend the big StampShow being held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center.

Well, our house has wheels and we really don't have any "hard dates" till early October so we got things ready for the road and Bob rolled wheels around 0930. From the Elkhart Campgrounds we took local county roads to U.S. 20 and took it east toward I 69. At Shipshewana we learned that 20 was closed and we were shunted onto IN 5 south. A quick check of the map revealed that U.S 6 would also take us to I 69 so we took that instead of 20.

At the picturesque town of Ligonier we picked up U.S. 6 and took it east. Shortly we were on I 69 south toward Fort Wayne. We picked up the I 469 loop and exited on U.S. 30 east toward Ohio. U.S. 30 is a nice divided highway thru northern Ohio (we took it west on our June journey from New Jersey), and we made good time.

We stopped for lunch and driver change at a rest stop west of Van Wert and Sandi took us the rest of the way. Outside Upper Sandusky we hopped on U.S. 23 south toward Columbus. U.S. 23 was a nice highway at first, but the closer we got to Columbus the heavier the traffic became and more frequent the red lites. Eventually we got on i 670 to I 71 and our exit for the Ohio State Fairgrounds.

We found a level full-service site in the mostly deserted campgrounds. These are nothing special insofar as amenities go, but they are full-hookup and they are convenient to downtown and the Convention Center. In fact, as the crow flies it is about 3½ miles. The west side of the campground has two very busy rail lines that are a source of entertainment for both of we rail fans. If only they weren't so busy during the wee hours of the morning.

Today's drive was 263 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8¼ mpg. We were doing great till the U.S. 23 traffic lites ate all our fuel.

We'll be here for a week. Besides Bob attending the stamp show we plan to meet dear friends Barb and Kevin Wholever and do some catching up.

Mon, 13 Aug: A busy few days...

We've been busy little retirees during our stop in Columbus Ohio. Friday and Saturday Bob attended the big stamp show at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. He is on the board of several collecting organizations so he attended meetings and helped "man" their tables. Meanwhile, when not squiring Bob to/from the Convention Center, Sandi "vegged" at home and enjoyed catching up on reading, computer stuff, and who-knows-what? The fairgrounds are only a few miles from the Convention Center so her taxi duties weren't an issue.

Yesterday, Sunday, we got together with good friends Barb and Kevin Wholever. We first met the Wholevers when in Bay City during the early nineties (25+ years now?!?) and have stayed in touch thru the years. They live in Columbus and showed us their town. We visited the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens. This is a really nice place and we enjoyed the several hours spent there.

Following that we had dinner at the Chinese Dynasty where we enjoyed a very relaxing (and excellent) meal. Back to our coach for some cocktails before they left. Barb & Kevin are still doing that "W" stuff and tomorrow they have to "go get-um" bright and early.

Today we did some shopping and errands. One of those was a stop at SuperCuts so Bob could receive some tonsorial attention. He isn't too traumatized but will require careful watching—and probably some libations— for the balance of the day.

Our plans are to depart Wednesday morning for Cincinatti, an easy hundred miles to the south. Plans beyond that are gelling, but not yet ready for publication.

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