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Thursday was warm, so we spent as much of it outside as we could. As we walked along the riverbank, a large female mallard walked right up to me. She had different markings than the other females, so we wondered if she was one of the ducklings our old neighbors raised here several years ago. We remembered the day those ducklings had gotten too big and were released down by the river. This female had a large abdomen, so maybe we will have a new batch of ducklings soon. I made Little Smokies in the crockpot for the pot luck that night (quick and easy). The sauce was a blend of BBQ, Worcestershire, and steak sauce. The party was lots of fun, and I ate wayyyy too much! I meant to just sample everything, but there were so many dishes that my plate filled up quickly. The band played oldies and New Orleans' style jazz. Friday was pretty hectic. After getting breakfast and groceries, we walked Mo as usual. While we were doing that, Nazi propane guy showed up and filled out tank, leaving the bill on the front door. I had signed up for next Wednesday, but he was here to fill propane tanks for the cabins. I took Mo and drove over to pay the propane bill (the lady at the counter was missing most of her teeth. Maybe she's Nazi propane guy's wife?), and then went to Kerrville Ranch and Supply, where Mo's groomer is. He needed his nails trimmed, and they allow drop-ins for that (no appointment needed). Thankfully, I had Mo in my arms, because when I opened the groomer's door, a little black and white goat greeted me. I petted him, and he nipped my hand ("Hey, Lady, I don't know you."). While Mo got his nails done, I tried again to pet the goat. Once I scratched under his neck, he decided I was A-Okay. He kept hopping up on the furniture, as if he had springs on his hooves. By the time Mo and I got back, it was time for lunch. I then had half an hour to go over to the rec center and practice beanbag baseball before anyone else showed up. It did help a little, as I made bases twice during the real games. Bill hit bases nearly every time he played, and even got a home run. For originally not wanting to play at all, I think he really likes it now! I told him we will be playing mini golf next week, and he groaned (teeheehee). It's Saturday morning, and we are having Randy and Karen over for dinner. We should be able to eat outside since the temp will be in the low 70's, but it's 10am, and we are still waiting for the sun to come out. Mornings here often start foggy (on-shore flow overnight from the Gulf), with the best weather coming mid-late afternoon. I'm making my lamb, carrot, baby potato and green olive stew in the crockpot. It's one of Bill's favorite meals.

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