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The Ferry

Me Peeking Out

Another boat

Picnic Breakfast

Steamed Puff filled with custard


Grand Palace Temple 1


Me with all the crowds






Museum of invention. Can you find me?

Here I am

Coconut Candies at Err Urban Rustic Thai Resturant

Starting to rain at the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre

Now it is really coming down. See metro tracks.

Very crowded metro

Today we started out by taking a ferry boat across the canal that runs through Bangkok. It was funny because we had to go through a ferry that was docked to get to the ferry we were riding on. As so as we got across we boarded another boat that took us down the canal in the direction of the Grand Palace.

When we arrived at the pier there were lots of shops selling food, clothes, and other goods. We stopped at several of the stands and bought all kinds of fun food for breakfast. We had fresh pineapple, bread baked with raisins and pineapple, bread baked with pulled pork, steamed puff pastries that you could get with bean paste, custard, or pork.

After we had our breakfast picnic we went the Grand Palace. The main part of the grounds contain the Grand Palace temples or royal temples. There are lots of different buildings to look at. But it was very crowded. We were standing almost elbow to elbow. And unlike other places we have visited in Thailand people didn't seem to mind knocking into you. It was also very hot and inside the grounds, there was very little air movement. I was able to peek out and we did get lots of interesting pictures,

We tried to go to the interactive museum but it was closed for remodeling and we had to make do with a few exhibits available on the grounds. I did take time for a picture though.

We stopped for lunch at Err Urban Rustic Thai restaurant. We ordered lots of different foods and then shared them with each other. I posed with this cute little basket they brought to the table at the end of the meal that was filled with coconut candies that were a lot like caramel candies.

After our lunch, we headed to the Bangkok Art & Cultural Center. Because it was an art museum I didn't get pictures inside but I did get a picture of the rain clouds building looking out at all the Skytrain tracks. A few minutes later it was really coming down.

When we finished there it was time to head back to where we are staying. We took the Skytrain and it was very crowded.

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