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Rain at Savannah Oaks

Easter meals

Azaleas are in full bloom in Savannah

Azalea bloom

Snack and beer at the Chart House

Yuengling and chicken nachos on River St.

Traffic on the Savannah River

WWII memorial on the river

Some of the people seen along River St.

Savannah Cotton Exchange

Great Dane statue at Great Dane Trailers corporate offices

Entrance to Bethesda Academy

Old live oak alley across the street from the Bethesda entrance

The Majestic Oak

The Majestic Oak 2

Entrance arch to Wormsloe State historic Site

Closer look at the Wormsloe entrance

Alley of live oaks at Wormsloe

Ruins of original tabby house at Wormsloe

Fiddler crabs on the Skidaway River mud flats

A look down the alley of live oaks from the other end

Remains of a silo from a dairy farm on Wormsloe

I'm not the only one fascinated with the oak alleys

We celebrated Easter in Savannah. Hope everyone has celebrated this important holiday in their own special way. It's been pouring since early this morning so we hung around Winnie all day. Even though we are on the road, we had our traditional Grandmom Trotta's breakfast of scrambled eggs with ricotta and Italian sausage. We topped it off with an "Easter Egg" donut from Krispy Kreme. It doesn't get much better than that. We were able to FaceTime with Ryleigh, Finn, and Oskar so it's not so bad being away from home for the holiday. We finished the day off with a ham dinner.

The last couple of days the weather has been spotty. Friday was the nicest day and we drove into Savannah and walked around the business district (shopping) and went to River St. for a snack and people watching. There is no shortage of places to eat along the river. We chose the patio at the Chart House Restaurant. Beer and chicken nachos was enough to fill us up while we rested and watched the people walk by.

I visited a couple of the historic sites around Savannah for some pictures on Friday and Saturday. One thing Savannah has are lots of old live oaks. I get carried away so you'll see quite a few in today's post. Probably the biggest and definitely the oldest was the "Majestic Oak" located in the Majestic Oaks subdivision and is owned and cared for by the HOA. It's believed to be between 300 and 500 years old and has a girth of 27 ft. and its branches stretch some 165 ft from tip to tip. It is truly majestic and aptly named.

Another stop was Bethesda Academy which was originally named Bethesda Orphan House and Academy and began as a colonial orphanage. It is the oldest child caring institution in the country. It was founded in 1740 by Rev. George Whitefield, the leader of the First Great Awakening and the Black Robe Regiment prior to the Revolutionary War. Bethesda was visited by many of the country’s founding fathers, and one of its earliest supporters was Benjamin Franklin. Bethesda became a general educational institution in 1992 offering an education rooted in George Whitefield’s founding mission and was rebranded the Bethesda Academy in 2011 as a college prep academy. As with many of the other older institution in Savannah it has an live oak alley and entrance arch. Across the road from the entrance there is a long oak alley that looks like it was part of the entrance off the main road at one time.

Wormsloe Plantation was established in 1736 when Noble Jones settled on the Isle of Hope. He built a fortified tabby house common to coastal SC and Georgia, overlooking the Skidaway River. It's believed to be the oldest structure in Savannah. A new house was built on the property in 1828 and has been owned by decedents of the Jones family for 9 generations. After the Civil War, one of the owners planted over 400 live oaks along the entrance lane to the new house and farm. These live oaks are now more than 150 years old and provide a spectacular canopy that stretches some 1.5 miles.

We'll be heading toward Charleston tomorrow, but right now we don't have any place to stay until our reservation at Oak Plantation Campground opens up on Tuesday, again a problem with most places not having any opening. We may wind out in Camp Walmart in a pinch. Stay tuned.

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