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Saddle River area

Saddle River area

Saddle river area

Life in Alaska - grey water

Life in Alaska - road construction and mud

Decided to do a few moderate trails today, since we have to pack up the camper to leave tomorrow. Laundry must be done and things stowed. Took a leisurely stroll along Caribou Creek (saw footprints only), then down by the area that was the park's tent city back in the 30's. You can see Mt McKinley from there, but not today. McKinley is covered with ice, and when the warm summer air hits it, clouds and fog form. Not common to see it in summer, although we talked with someone who claims to have seen it at midnight last night from a high elevation area in the park. I checked into flying, but it seems your best shot to see the mountain by air is after 9:00 at night. That is a long time before sun down, but way after happy hour, and I decided I am not motivated to start the whole commute through the road construction thing over at that point. You see one mountain, you've seem 'em all, right?

Took a few pix today, but with my phone since we were traveling light. They may not post very well since it was a partly cloudy day.

Alaska is an interesting place, and now Florida seems a bit less quirky. I have been told there are only 2 seasons - winter and road construction. Living in a climate this harsh takes a toll on man-made structures. Down in Dawson, someone asked why the old bank had chicken wire above the teller's cages. The park guide didn't miss a beat - "To keep the mosquitoes from bothering the employees." Alaska could teach them a thing or two about breeding mosquitoes. We are living quite well by Alaska standards - we have nice brown running water, and we can heat it. We have sewer, and we have heat. If you are planning to come here and need 5 star accommodations, or even 1 star, best advice is to come on a cruise. Actually there is a very nice hotel here - the Grande Denali. Haven't been inside, but it looks wonderful. I can only guess what it costs per night in peak season.

Will try to post a couple of "life in Alaska" pix as we go along.

Tomorrow we leave for Seward for a few days. We need the rest.

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