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The office at our home for the night

Our Pitch.

Literally on our way downtown.

Marching on ahead

Cassis beach. We had drinks in the white building on the left.

The harbour

Every sport needs rules.

Bocci ball area.

You can see the bocci balls on the left.

Yep, yet again uphill

Back home for night.

Monday, May 4th.

We said good bye to our lovely spot on the Rhone and headed to Cassis by way of the LeClerc. A huge shopping center which included a supersized grocery store.

I was able to find a padded sleeve for my IPad but not the keyboard, in an electronics store. We stocked up on a “few” things and headed out for our hour long drive to the coast.

Fighting traffic in the big city did not appeal to us so we decided to bypass Marseille and head for the coast on the other side.

At first we were just going to stop at Cassis for a quick visit and then keep going but because it was close to 4 we decided to spend the night.

We headed out to see the sites – downhill. A quaint little harbour and beach were at the end of the street. Eating was not in our destiny. A lovely little restaurant overlooking the beach area was tempting us to eat there.

Unfortunately; as it was only 6 o’clock they were only serving drinks and appetizers until 7:30. (You would think we would have finally figured out this little oddity in the French culture) Anyway we had a glass of local wine – yum yum and they served green and black olives drizzled with olive oil and spices. They were all mine to enjoy as Bill detests olives!!

As we wandered around the harbour we came across a bocce game. A whole sandy park area with a fountain and a stone fence surrounding it was devoted to the game.

The amazing thing was that the balls were smaller than the ones we use, lighter and magnetic. A fellow had a magnet attached to a string and he picked the balls up with it. We watched a few matches then moved on. After all we had to climb uphill before bedtime.

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