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Cactus Covered Cliff

Ferry To Messina, Sicily

The Beach At Finale

The toilets at this site were a bit basic, just a small plywood cabin, one for the men & one for the women. The showers were outside so they didn't get used. The site was at the base of a high rock cliff thar was covered in cacti & had a small waterfall dropping from the top. It was quite pretty.

We headed off from there the last 50 or so miles to the ferry port to cross to Messina in Sicily. Down at the port it was quite confusing with at least three different ferry companies having there entrance lanes side by side. We just picked one & drove into there car park to find the ticket office. There was a choice of a one day return ticket for €50, three day return for €68 or open return for €98. I opted for the three day ticket as we just wanted to have a drive round the island.

We went straight off to board a small ferry, similar to the ones we used in Norway, for the thirty minute crossing to Sicily. Fortunately for me it was flat calm & the sun was shining so a pleasant trip. Once we landed in Messina it was then a challenge trying to find our way out of the city on a busy Saturday lunch time. We eventually managed to escape into the mountains to the North & headed generally West along the North coast.

The coast road was very winding & narrow, especially through some of the old towns so eventually gave in & took to the toll road so that we could get to our selected site for the night. This was a proper camp site right on the low cliffs above the sea. We got there about 4.30pm so it was still light enough to take a walk down the cliff path to the rocky beach. At least the toilets & showers were housed in proper buildings at this site.

We walked the half mile or so into the town in the evening but, as most towns that we've been into in the evenings, it was pretty dead. We did see three butcher shops that were open but apart from them & a couple of other small shops & bars there wasn't much else. No nice pizzerias or little restaurants so it was back to Elsie for a Thai Green Curry courtesy of Viv. Much nicer than a pizza anyway.

Mileage today - 136

Total Mileage to date - 2,254

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