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My WIN buddies, me, and my crutches...LOL...but I CAN drive and I'm...

Tampa Zoo, Great Bald Eagle






Local theatre production of Mary Poppins. The cast was 50 strong on...

Wringling Bros. Circus Museum

A miniature reproduction of Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Took this picture to show the size of the miniatures.

All the figures are hand carved and painted. All the utensils are...


You can even see the speedometer on the dash of the car!


Arlene and I goofing off

Entrance of Wrigleys

We got into Tampa March 27th. The Urgent Care had given me a referral for a foot doctor in Tampa. I got lucky and even though we had to drive about 30 miles, he was able to see me Friday. He put a removable boot on me and I was off and running. Well...not exactly..LOL. I was still shakey on the crutches. Actually I was downright dangerous!! We were staying at a great Elks Lodge in Tampa, and they gave me a wheelchair to use, so my fellow WINS pushed my ???? everywhere.

Our first stop was the Tampa Zoo. Great zoo and a lot of animals I had never seen before.

Arlene had seen a advertisement for the play, Mary Poppins, at a local theatre. They had just renovated a building and were putting on one of their first plays. The stage was really small, but they pulled off the play without a hitch. The gentleman that played Bert, the chimney sweep was great, and he looked a little like Dick Van Dyke. The singing was amazing and everyone had a really good time.

Our next stop was the Ringling Bros Barnum and Bailey Circus Museum. What a place!! I ended up spending about 2 hours in the building that housed a replica of the circus. A man named Howard Tibbals is the creator, and everything is hand carved and painted right down to the salt and pepper on the tables!! It is said that inside the Ticket wagon, he made a desk with an adding machine, and a drawer that slide out, and there was money in it. No one could see it in the miniature wagon but he said he knew it was there!!

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