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Saturday the weather was cold and rainy and we did our go-to rainy and cold activity - we went to a mall and saw a movie. We weren't the only ones there. It looked like the mall and a movie was the choice of many refugees from the beach. Major St. Patrick's Day activities were planned for the boardwalk area. But the thrill of being able to walk around with a beer in a cup was counter balanced by the cold drizzle. Attendance was poor.

But since then the skies have been blue and sunny and the temperatures mild. Most of the folks camped around us had to leave. They were much younger than we and had to go back to work. I hate to gloat, but it's much nicer here when we have the place more or less to ourselves. Once the wind died down, Ken had a chance to take his drone to the beach and document the beautiful spot where we are camped this week. The drone skimmed the waves taking shots that only a surfer could see. We took our chairs to beach and listened to podcasts, watching the waves, sea birds and other beach goers. I could do that forever.

Outside the park it was hard to select the perfect mini-golf course. The one we chose was rather benevolent. There always seemed to be a curve or hill or back drop that funneled the ball toward the hole. Tomorrow we will try a real course. If only it would be so kind.

It was also hard to choose a seafood buffet. There are so many of them as well. We have stacks of coupons luring us to the best meal deal. We ate at Crabby Mike's. The full parking lot meant that the food was fresh, constantly eaten and replaced. I ate so much seafood there was no room left for salad or dessert. We'll have to go again.

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