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All smiles on the way to Devils Marbles

Balancing act

Pretty nice spot to wake up!

Farewell to Kev and Tania, for now


The Devil's Marbles still rated as the kids' favourite stop so far, so we decided we should spend another night there on the way back past. The Parkyns were also headed there but left Alice Springs much earlier than us, arrived at the marbles a few hours before us, and saved us a spot beside them (which was a good thing as it was pretty crowded).

Once again, the kids took off onto the rocks and had plenty of fun scrambling about the place. The change in the weather was pretty marked - suddenly we were hot again after being cold for over a week.

I'm sure we could do a good promotional campaign for Weber barbecues - after our efforts with Uluru at sunset in the background, we had the marbles at sunset in the background this time. I have to say, the meat comes out pretty good too, now that I'm getting the hang of the Weber.

Today's drive also took us across the Tropic of Capricorn for the third time in our trip. No stops or photos to mark the occasion yet, but we should be crossing it one more time in WA so perhaps we'll take the time to commemorate it then.

This was our last night hanging out with the Parkyns, for now at least. They're on a tighter schedule than us and have planned most of their trip down to the last detail, getting back to Melbourne at the end of September. We may catch up with them again in five or six weeks on the West coast; otherwise we'll definitely call in on them in Melbourne when we make it around that far.

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