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Woke up this morning to an absolutely glorious day. The temp was still cold (about 3 degrees), but the skies were a clear blue, the sun was shining and no wind. A perfect day for some exploring. A slow walk along the lake ended with the by now obligatory cup of coffee. We then bought a couple of tickets to take a boat trip up the lake. I know it sounds real touristy, but it was worth it. The boat was a small wooden ferry (think old Hales ferries but much smaller)which slowly chugged up the lake, stopping at various small ports. As we went further up, the scenery just got better. Snow capped mountains soon loomed ahead of us, while the edges of the lake were dotted with a mixture of small hamlets, ornate mansions, restaurants and fishing docks. A truly magic trip.

Townmorrow we plan to head into Switzerland to Lucerne. The weather is supposed to hold for the next day or two - hopefully it will.

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