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At least this time it wasn't for his heart.

It started out as one of those good weeks. Monday and Tuesday we picked up the house as we were having company on Tuesday night. Pastor Paul and his wife Anne came for supper. No biggie as they are really nice folk. I made some chicken noodle soup and some apple stuff for desert. We had a great time visiting and getting to know one another.

Wednesday we decided to attempt a trip to Surprise. We wanted to get some new door knobs for the front and back door and a new dead bolt for the front door. Somehow when we bought the house - no one could find the keys for the front door. We got the Kwick set kind that you can re-key yourself.

We also needed some sun screen film stuff to put on the west windows and some granite sealer for the counter tops.

We got all of that, had lunch, went to Office Max for printer ink and then called it a day. I was tired and I could tell that Ron was getting tired, too.

A couple of times when he got up or went up and down the porch steps to the garage he said his right hip hurt.

When he got out of his chair to go to bed - he almost fell as he couldn't put any weight on it.

Along about 4 am we finally both got up as it was bugging him and I was trying home remedies. I updated his meds list, packed my "take to the ER bag" and his "over night in the hospital bag", ate breakfast and finally, about 6, convinced him I should call the ambulance.

Long story short - they think it is bursitis. X-rays show that the hip is fine - in fact it even has a lot of cartilage left. Dr. gave him a shot of cortisone and sent us home. He had to take a wheel chair to the car - so I called back to NR to see if they had any walkers that he could borrow.

So now he gets along OK with a walker. It helps him keep the weight off that leg. It is getting better slowly, and we have a Dr. appointment on next Tues with the GP and Wed with the cardio.

Last time when I took Ron to the ER, I caught all kinds of flack because I hadn't called the ambulance. This time I called, and even the ambulance driver said we should have just called the EMTs to help me get him to the car and I could have taken him in. I can't win. But I'm going to keep calling the ambulance - it gets him seen faster and they have more of a heads up when he gets there.

Woodcarver's week starts today and goes till next Saturday. Then bead week starts. I'm going to both of them and Ron is going to Woodcarvers.

Oh! on Friday, I got his roll around office chair and set it up by the front door and he changed both the knob and the dead bolt. When he wakes up from his nap I will do the same with the back door. It is sure easier to open with a leaver handle than an round knob - my Uncle Arthur thumbs like it better anyway.

So that is what has happened to us. Hope you and yours are well. Stop and smell the roses and be open to what God has given you. ENJOY!!!

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