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Puyallup, WA - Washington State Fairgrounds Campground, Orange Lot - site 21

Puyallup, WA - Washington State Fairgrounds Campground, Orange Lot - site 21,...

Puyallup, WA - Washington State Fairgrounds Campground, Orange Lot - site 21,...

Sequim to Puyallup, WA 0 - our route - 100 miles

Sequim to Puyallup, WA 1 - some old RR cars now a...

Sequim to Puyallup, WA 2 - the Hood Canal Floating Bridge connecting...

Sequim to Puyallup, WA 3 - the twin-suspension Tacoma Narrows Bridge connecting...

Sequim to Puyallup, WA 4 - downtown Puyallup

Sequim to Puyallup, WA 5

Sequim to Puyallup, WA 6

Sequim to Puyallup, WA 7

Sequim to Puyallup, WA 8 - we have noticed a lot of...

Port Orchard 1 - the Victorian Tea Room

Port Orchard 2 - the Debbie Macomber Yarn Shop next door to...

Port Orchard 3 - the Cedar Cove Inn

Port Orchard 4 - a view of the quaint harbor area

Port Orchard 5 - the Sidney Art Gallery

Port Orchard 6 - Amy's on the Bay

Port Orchard 7 - a totem pole near Amy's that has nothing...

Seattle Trip 0 - our route - 83 miles

Seattle Trip 1 - starting our trip on a typical Seattle dreary...

Seattle Trip 2

Seattle Trip 3 - some very different "variable" speed signs - they...

Seattle Trip 4 - notice how some lanes can have higher speed...

Seattle Trip 5 - some more of the Seattle skyline

Seattle Trip 6 - the University of Washington campus

Seattle Trip 7

Seattle Trip 8

Seattle Trip 9 - approaching the Space Needle - trying to find...

Seattle Trip 10 - a helicopter tour getting an up close and...

Seattle Trip 11 - one of the trolley cars

Seattle Trip 12 - the view from below it

Seattle Trip 13 - and from the top - that's the Bill...

Seattle Trip 14

Seattle Trip 15

Seattle Trip 16

Seattle Trip 17 - the Pikes Street Market

Seattle Trip 18

Seattle Trip 19

Mt. Rainier Trip 0 - our route - 135 miles

Mt. Rainier Trip 1 - we've seen tsunami warnings all up the...

Mt. Rainier Trip 2 - there she is over the rooftops in...

Mt. Rainier Trip 3 - Alder Lake as we turn east towards...

Mt. Rainier Trip 4 - entering the park

Mt. Rainier Trip 5 - the Nisqually River with runoff from the...

Mt. Rainier Trip 6 - getting closer

Mt. Rainier Trip 7 - and closer

Mt. Rainier Trip 8 - we are in the middle of the...

Mt. Rainier Trip 9 - Narada Falls

Mt. Rainier Trip 10 - flowing into another part of it right...

Mt. Rainier Trip 11 - evidence of a past glacier on our...

Mt. Rainier Trip 12 - we're getting closer and you can see...

Mt. Rainier Trip 13 - still some snow on the surrounding peaks

Mt. Rainier Trip 14 - as we start our hike

Mt. Rainier Trip 15 - one of the many meadows along the...

Mt. Rainier Trip 16 - and a small brook

Mt. Rainier Trip 17 - another small meadow

Mt. Rainier Trip 18 - a small pond

Mt. Rainier Trip 19 - full of tadpoles

Mt. Rainier Trip 20 - closeups of some of the many glaciers

Mt. Rainier Trip 21

Mt. Rainier Trip 22

Mt. Rainier Trip 23

Mt. Rainier Trip 24 - the terminus of the NIsqually Glacier at...

Mt. Rainier Trip 25 - a closeup of the terminus

Mt. Rainier Trip 26

Mt. Rainier Trip 27 - there were also a couple of waterfalls...

Mt. Rainier Trip 28

Mt. Rainier Trip 29 - these two cuties were on the trail...

Mt. Rainier Trip 30 - some of the peaks around us

Mt. Rainier Trip 31

Mt. Rainier Trip 32 - wildflowers along the trail

Mt. Rainier Trip 33

Mt. Rainier Trip 34

Mt. Rainier Trip 35

Mt. Rainier Trip 36

Mt. Rainier Trip 37 - a number of old rail cars that...

Mt. Rainier Trip 38 - hotel rooms

Mt. Rainier Trip 39 - a Christmas tree farm

Our trip from Sequim to Puyallup, WA was just 100 miles, including a slight detour to park the Mothership at a Wal-Mart so we could unhook Libby and take a short tour of Port Orchard. For those that don't know, Port Orchard is the real-life setting for many of the Debbie Macomber books and also the Cedar Cove television series. Misty loves her books and a stop at Port Orchard was a priority for her visit with us.

We are staying at the Washington State Fairgrounds Campground in Puyallup, WA. You pronounce that "pew-AL-up". We have found a need to use the Northwest Pronunciation Guide as many words up here are not pronounced as it would seem by their spelling. Puyallup and Sequim are good examples. We have a 50 amp, full hookup, back-in that is all grass. As long as there is nothing going on at the fairgrounds they assign sites that are actually two sites when there is something going on. It makes for a very a large site with plenty of separation and is the most economical site we have had in some time.

Thursday we headed for Seattle to do a little touring. It was drizzling as we left but we knew we would rather see Seattle in its natural setting (cloudy and wet) than see Mt. Rainier in bad weather. We first visited the University of Washington which is in NE Seattle in a very picturesque part of the city. Misty's husband, Gary, is in love with the Huskies for some reason and she wanted to get him some UW apparel. Next was a trip to the Space Needle.

After all you can't come to Seattle and not see the Space Needle!! It was fun getting to it as the parking garage was one of those "you can't get there from here" things. The proper road (at least according to Sheila, our GPS) to get to the garage was closed due to construction so we just had to keep trying different roads to get there and finally had to make an illegal U-turn to get on the right side of the street to enter the garage. We did finally park Libby, take a short walk to Seattle Center and took our turn getting a ride up the elevator to the top. The view is stunning and we enjoyed seeing Seattle and the surrounding area.

We then came back down, walked back to the garage and drove Libby about a mile SW to find another parking garage so we could visit the Pike's Street Market. This one was a little easier to find (no construction in the way) and we visited the market which was very crowded but did have a lot of atmosphere.

Friday, the weather cooperated and we drove to Mt. Rainier National Park. The sun was shining all day and it was a delightful trip up into the Cascades to see this mountain which has the most glaciers of any other mountain in the lower 48 states. While there we hiked a little over a mile on the Nisqually Vista Trail near the Paradise Visitor Center and it was uplifting to say the least. This is one beautiful mountain! The visitor center itself is very high up in the mountains (almost 6,000 feet) and allows you to see a good panorama of not only Mt. Rainier but many of the surrounding peaks as well.

Saturday was a sad day as it was time for Misty to head back to Maryland. We drove her back to the Seattle/Tacoma Airport so she could get back to her family. It was great visiting with her again and we will see her and her family Christmas.

Sunday was spent around the Mothership. Doris slaved all day making fudge, brownies, blueberry cobbler and homemade bread while I used up 2 gigabytes of data trying to figure where we were going to go and stay for the next two months.

Monday we visited my Aunt Wanda and her husband, David at their home in Auburn, just a short distance from Puyallup. My uncle, Everett, also showed up and surprised me. I had no idea he lived very near where we just came from - Sequim. I have got to pay more attention as we could have visited him while there as well!! Wanda takes after her older sister, my mother, and is a great cook and we had a very nice meal she had prepared and it was great just to talk and reminisce about old times.

Today has been spent getting the Mothership ready for another travel day and getting this blog done. I had way too many pictures to filter through. Tomorrow, we head for just outside Woodland, WA for three nights. We will be staying at the Columbia Riverfront RV Park right on the Columbia River.

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