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We stayed at Abby and Bradleigh’s house, and slept in. Later, we went to the Virginia Beach, On the way we stopped at Chick-Fil-A (A southern chicken restaurant). When we got to VB it was closed, in a sense. There was a rip current, so they would only let you go in knee-deep in it, so we decided not to go in. Instead, we rented a multi-person bike (a surrey) and managed to fit 6 people in it. We biked around a little bit (it was hard, there being 5 people’s weight in it, and also the bike itself) and eventually ended up at a Ben and Jerry’s, and since we had coupons, we got some ice cream. Afterwards, we picked up 2 more people, and, with 8 people in a 4 person surrey, slowly biked back to the rental place. Thankfully, we made it. When we got home, we cooked Tri-tip dinner for the whole family; really tasty! Cole

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