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When I ran out of gas, this was the closest "gas station"

I haven't used gas pumps this old since 1960!

I saw my first buffalo of the trip

Unfortunately, they were at Cowboy Town - looks like a ghost town!

I can't believe it! All my gas tanks must have flaws in them! Today I was cruising along in South Dakota and I glanced at my gas gauge and it showed 1/4 of a tank. A few minutes later the Fuel Low warning came on and 2 minutes later I was out! That can't happen. Anyway, I'm accomplished at this by now, so I pulled over on the shoulder which fortunately on this highway was plenty wide enough for the trailer. I dropped the back door/ramp and ran the Harley out and headed for the nearest gas station. It was only about 1/4 of a mile away (just over a bridge). Got the diesel, primed the pump and was back in business. The story was the old gas pump that I had to use in a weird gas station/cowboy town/buffalo ranch. They did take credit cards fortunately although in a convoluted way. Anyway, I did 549 kilometers today and am now sitting in another WalMart parking lot in Sioux City, Iowa, facing a corn field and watching a lightning show. There is a severe storm warning out tonight in some parts of the state. Fortunately, it's not here (yet) and they keep advising you on the radio to head for the basement if it hits. I'll have some trouble with that. So, it's into Nebraska tomorrow and maybe beyond. Cheers,

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