Penny and Bob's Great Adventure - 2012 travel blog

Part of the Topeka skyline

Twin spires

Welcome to Nebraska

Getting ready to harvest his corn

Coming into town to gas up!

This is Auburn

Our campsite ... campground all to ourselves!

A sign at one of the geocaches

Forgotten and forlorn

Neat tires! Dust from the dirt roads outlined the letters!

We visited this very nice memorial at the Auburn Town Park

Some beautiful engraving.






Twin trees at a geocache cemetery

Found the cache

Fields of soybeans

But not ready to harvest yet

Took a day trip to Missouri for some geocaches

Nice thought

Beautiful house!

A stone in one of the cemeteries

Close up

Took a day trip here,too,but they charge you to get into the...

Nellie going geocaching back at camp

She really like climbing on the rocks


Well, once we got out of all the turns from Clinton Lake, the rest of the drive was a piece of cake! On the interstate for 25 miles then 95 miles on US-75 which was an easy-driving road all the way into Auburn. We’re staying at the Auburn RV Park, a nice little 12-space community park next to the very nice outdoor recreation center. Quiet, dark skies, long lots. Loved it! The first night I was a little concerned since we were the only ones there and it was soooo dark and I didn't know what kind of town Auburn was but the night after that, I slept like a log! Auburn is a very nice small midwest town where I imagine you could almost leave your front doors unlocked.

We took a drive across the Missouri River into Missouri the one day in search of some geocaches there. Doesn’t look a whole lot different than Nebraska! While there, we wanted to go see the Indian Caves but, after taking the long, out-of-the-way drive down to that state park, we found out they charge for entry to the park and you can only see the caves from the park. Decided we didn’t want to pay so turned around and headed home.

Visited the Auburn Town Park where we saw a beautiful veterans’ memorial. Besides the pictures that I’ve posted, they also had memorial stones with all those from Nemaha County who have served and those who had died in the service. Very nice memorial, indeed.

We walked over to watch soccer practice one night. There were some very young kids out there, kicking that ball around!

We really hate to leave our nice campsite here but it’s time to move on to Iowa, our next stop.

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