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Wilkesboro, NC - Bandits Roost COE - Site A25

Wilkesboro, NC - Bandits Roost COE - Site A25, another view

Wilkesboro, NC - Bandits Roost COE - Site A25, and another

Wilkesboro, NC - Bandits Roost COE - The view of the lake...

Wilkesboro, NC - Bandits Roost COE - a goose family wandering by...

Boone to Wilkesboro, NC - our route - 48 miles

Boone to Wilkesboro, NC 1 - coming down off the mountains

Boone to Wilkesboro, NC 2

Boone to Wilkesboro, NC 3 - a nice 'bungalow'

Downtown Wilkesboro, NC

more of downtown

the town hall

The dogs didn't move - we assumed they were stuffed - or...

The Tyson chicken plant covering several square blcoks

A service station still using the old pumps

BRP 1 - the usual construction we encounter anytime we go anywhere!

BRP 2 - headed back to the mountains

BRP 3 - back on the Blue Ridge Parkway

BRP 4 - another wild turkey (let's see how good your eyes...

BRP 5 - back on top of the world - we can...



BRP 8 - our trail today

BRP 9 - yesterday's rain washed the leaves aside

BRP 10 - a few of the Rhododendren are blooming alongside the...

BRP 11

BRP 12

BRP 13 - this is what they look like just before they...

BRP 14 - there were more Flame Azaleas along the trail today...

BRP 15 - one of the azaleas is getting ready to really...

BRP 16 - one of the views from the trail

BRP 17 - a small waterfall flowing beside the BRP

BRP 18 - more Rhododendron beside the BRP

BRP 19 - our first deer of the year

BRP 20

BRP 21

BRP 22 - the Brinegar's Cabin

BRP 23

BRP 24

BRP 25 - the back and porch

BRP 26

BRP 27

BRP 28 - you can't see it but there is a trickle...

BRP 29 - the cabin and large storehouse from the back

BRP 30 - the storehouse and root cellar

BRP 31

BRP 32 - the valley on the west side of the parkway

Our trip from Boone off the mountain and down to Wilkesboro, NC was an uneventful, short 45 miles that only took about an hour. Even though we waited until we had to be out of Grandfather Campground, we still arrived at Bandit's Roost a little early and had to wait a little while for our site to be cleared. Bandit's Roost is a Corp of Engineer campground and, like almost all of their campgrounds, the sites come with a lake view. We have 50 amps and water with a dump station on the way out. The satellite was quick and easy but Verizon is on the "iffy" side so cell and Internet service is slow and temperamental.

We didn't so a lot here as the weather just wouldn't cooperate. It rained all week until today. We got up early and headed back to finish of the NC section of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We did get it all covered except for about the last 20 miles in NC which they had closed for road work. That will leave us to cover about 217 miles of the BRP in Virginia before it ends at the Shenandoah National Park where it becomes the Skyline Drive.

We did get to hike one trail this morning about three miles of up and down hills but it was cool and the scenery remarkable. Some of the Rhododendrons are starting to bloom and they are beautiful. And that's just the icing on the cake in addition to seeing everything from the top of the world.

Near the end of the trip today we got to see the Brinegar's Cabin Cabin which is still in fairly good shape and showed just how rough the life was here a century ago.

Tomorrow we head for Fort Chiswell, VA which is about eight miles east of Wytheville in the southwest corner of VA. We will spend the next week there. We hope to see the BRP from the VA line up to about Roanoke from there.

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