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Bodi was a no show....or at least I thought he was. Until I realized there was an hour time diff from Thailand to Indonesia. Whoopsie. That meant I was an hour late meeting him, my bad. Oh well!!!

I was torn, what to do today? Go walk around and explore Ubud or chill by the pool that kept calling my name? We all know how this turned out. So by the pool I went. I feel kinda bad just hanging out at the pool when there is a whole unknown world out there just begging to be seen. But I argued in my head that um, this is MY vacation and if I wanna just sit by the pool and be lazy I CAN!!! There is always this afternoon or tomorrow to explore, so for now I just become one with the lounge chair and sun. And when I get too hot....I just roll over into the cool water. Bliss. Grinning like an idiot.

It became overcast a few hours into my laziness, and I decided to go ahead and shower and get dressed for the day. Why not. My sun is gone.

I end up freshly showered and in the lobby using the wifi on my ipod for a while, and just can not seem to make myself get up from the wooden bench I've parked it on. The rain is gently falling, and it chills the breeze floating thru the open walls of the lobby. Yea, I cna't make this up. It's incredibly calming and healing. So the rush just eases out of me, and I sit, just enjoying being in the moment. Perfect.

Finally it eases to a light mist and I borrowed an umbrella from the hotel and went out for a stroll.

Ubud is def a touristy town, but seems like perhaps it's a tab bit more upscale and cultured than Kuta, the party town I've heard of to the south. Soooo much fun stuff to buy! Wish I had a ton of money to get everything I wanted! So many great gifts!!!

I of course got lost and stumbled onto a back road where a religious ceremony was taking place and they graciously let me walk thru, found a fun little street vendor selling massage music, so sat a while and bought a few cds. She then introduced me to the lady in the stall next to her, which had legit Bali food. So for approx .55 cents I had a full plate of food with rice. Um, and it was spicy. Uggg this is getting old. And for whatever reason, AS SOON as I was finihed eating I had the urge to RUN to the potty room...but I didn't see one in sight! YikeS! I asked the lady I had bought my cds from, and she took me to a neighbors restroom in the back of an alley nearby.... just in time! Whew! Thank goodness I carry my own wipeys and tissues... even tho the bucket of water and scooper floating on top is always available!!! Hahaha! Always an adventure!

I ran into one of the guys from the hotel I'm staying at. Guess Ubud isn't that big of a town after all! He is from Houston (WHAT is with all these folks from Texas being on the other side of the world at the exact same time I am?!!) He's a doll and has a few suggestions for me so off I go again... window shopping, people watching, and getting lost again!

Just as I was about to hop on a motor scooter taxi, I stumbled back at my hotel. Whew I'm tired!

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