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Here comes the tidal bore!

Still coming!

Here it is!

There it goes, wow, this an amazing site!

We left beautiful Baddeck for Truro. Even though it rained much of our time there, this is a new favorite place for me. We left in the rain and drove into sun and 83 degrees. Then, it rained again. Locals say this is the rainiest summer they've ever had.

We came here for only 1 night, to see only 1 thing - A Tidal Bore. This is when the tide reverses in front of your eyes. The tides here are so high that when it shifts (coming in) it creates a wave as it ushers into the rivers and creeks. Another neat thing about this natrural phenomenon is that the rivers here fill in 1 hour instead of the traditional 6 hours! The riverbeds are a rich red clay.

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