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Welcoming committee. There's a combined herd of about 60 in the park.

They don't mind us humans, I guess. This was on one of...

When I pulled in there, were a few empty sites, so no...

Colorado River.

My first sighting of a Cardinal. This was taken out my kitchen...

Sunrise over the Colorado - River that is.

Sunrise closer up.

Picture experiment. Early morning fog. Picture taken in "sepia" mode.

Black and White experiment.

Another Black and white.

Close up. This was on the way to the restroom building, by...

Still sunrise - same day. If you look close, you can see...

Black and white version.

Lily in her new toy. January 30, 2011.

Pix is a little fuzzy. Jan. 30, 2011.

Feb. 3. Water faucet was on all night to keep the pipes...

Feb. 4. Light coating of sleet/freezing rain this morning. 23 degrees.

Feb. 4. Back of truck.

Feb. 4. Okay, just one more to prove a point!

Colorado River Thousand Trails Preserve

I actually arrived here on the 12th, but will combine some photos and remarks here.

This date will serve to represent my general stay at this location, which is about 4 miles north of the town of Columbus, which in turn is about 85 miles west of Houston. The park is adjacent to the Colorado River, thus the name of the Thousand Trails preserve (otherwise known as a park).

My first drive through the park was met with a number of localized deer. After a few days on site, I counted nearly 60 deer that roam the park daily, and obviously have made this their home. The deer are rather small, compared to those in our area, and some don’t appear to be too healthy. A couple with bad legs – limping. I’ve only seen one or two bucks. They are fairly tame, coming to within 40 or 50 feet of anyone and anything, but not allowing people to come too much closer without running off.

The area surrounding the park – as well as the park itself – is rather drab, mostly brown, earthy tones. Most of the trees in the campground area are pecans, and people are welcome to gather what they want. I tried a couple, but they were a bit soft. I suspect they should be dried. There is a local pecan establishment about 10 miles away, from which I got a few.

The campground here is more “park like” and rather spread out, as opposed to the urban setting in Dickinson. I am backed up against the Colorado River, so my view out the back window is much more pleasant.

This site lends itself much more to relaxing, taking walks and just kicking back. That said, there are a number of local sites worth visiting, some of which I was able to take in. A couple of these are highlighted on another dates.

One major component of this area are the numerous BBQ places. Some are regular restaurants, and some are a shack at somebody’s house. Of course, I had to try some local BBQ. So I went to Peter’s BBQ up the road at Ellinger. Of course, there was a coupon at the campground for a discounted buffet. You know me! So, I just had to try it. It was a rather quaint old establishment, and one could tell they catered to the locals. The main buffet menu items were the BBQ brisket, sausage and chicken, as well as fried catfish, fried shrimp, frog legs and short ribs. Besides this they had the usual sides, etc. Some of you are probably turning up your nose at this menu (and I know who you are!!), but what the heck, got to try it at least once! And by the way, if anyone ever tells you that frog legs taste like chicken – believe them.

Oh, another wildlife thing. Because of the pecan trees, there are squirrels running around everywhere. Sometimes they’re going down the middle of the road, sometimes they’re running between trees, and sometimes the youngsters are chasing each other. Fun to watch.

The last few days here turned REALLY cold, so I was able to extend my stay a couple days before heading out. Other folks have done the same, as there was some possible freezing rain and snow predicted.

Jared came up to visit me on my birthday weekend, as I was on the downside of a little local virus. We had a nice visit, and he actually took me out to lunch. Imagine that! (sorry Jared). Then I went down to their place one more time as well. Lily continues to grow and change. She will be fun for Jared and Megan.

February 4, 2011: This morning I awoke to a slight dusting of sleet/freezing rain on the ground, with a temp of 23 degrees. This was the third night of below freezing temperatures, which of course, created some challenges. Two days ago, my water pump had frozen, so I had no water in the trailer. After a couple hours of pointing a heater at it, it finally broke loose. But the bathroom faucet is still not working, in spite of putting an extra heater in the storage compartment. Ah, the trials of trailer travel.

The sun just broke through, and the white stuff is beginning to dissipate, so should be gone shortly.

Travel time: 2 hours.

Distance: 113 miles

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