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Onward and upwards.

Drew "We are making it to the top!"

I want to stay there.

Locks and red streamers for good luck.

I took a picture so I could remember what blue sky looks...

The first step is always the big one.

Where is my harness?

Great view just need an ice cold beer.

A fake via ferratta.

Hiking on the camels back.

FU yankees in Chinese.

Hua Shan

One of Taoism’s five sacred mountains is the granite domes of Hua Shan. There are windy trails up to the five peaks that make for a great day adventure and overnight if time allows. There are knife-blade ridges and twisted pine trees clinging for their lives to the micro ledges of cliffs. The five summits offer transcendent panoramas of green mountains and views of the countryside that stretch to the horizon. There are two ways up the mountain hike or take a cable car then continue to hike to reach the summits. We took the cable car up then hiked down. Our time was limited otherwise we would have walked the entire route. We spent the majority of the day making the hike to all five peaks for different views.

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