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Our room in the "An Africa Villa"

On the Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus

Where Mandela gave historic speech

Dry Docks in Victoria & Alfred Harbor

Beach #4


The Castle

Harbor Sign


Table Mountain

Cable Car to top (3000 feet)

Looking out as we go up

Cable cars passing

The mountain's face

View from the top

Tom (photo by Anne)

Beach from above

Opal Lounge where we had dinner. It was wonderful!



A new restaurant. Bogie was not there tonight.

It was a long (15 hour) trip, landing in Johannesburg early (due to 100 mph tail winds) at 4:30 in the afternoon on Monday. We then boarded a flight at 8:10 PM to Cape Town. Our guide, Gary Flynn was there in the Cape Town airport and he drove us to our B&B where we are staying for 3 nights, "An African Villa."

We have some problems understanding the South African version of English - such as the announcement on the last flight about "preparing for our crash..." - when they actually were talking about picking up the trash before landing. There is a Dutch accent in the British English here. You can hear the Dutch influence as the natives say "ya" instead of yes. Yet, there are probably more similarities than differences to large urban areas we have visited in other parts of the world.

Today we had a good breakfast at our B&B and then took a "jet lag" nap. Finally we walked down to the "hop-on hop-off" sightseeing bus with a headphone narration for a tour of the city and surrounding area. The very first stop after ours was for Table Mountain, the 3000' high flat-topped mountain visible all over, and a landmark of the area. We had the choice of hiking (yeah, sure - it's vertical) or taking cable car which was fun - the car actually rotated as we went so everyone got a chance at the views. There is walking at the top, and a cafe where we had lunch. The rest of the tour was very interesting, and by the time we arrived back at 5:00, we just had time for a nap before dinner - and the bus driver actually said he could easily let us off at the bottom of our street which was not an official stop - people are very nice here. We ate a great restaurant called the Opal Lounge where everything was very gourmet as well as delicious and surprisingly less expensive than such a restaurant at home.

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