2010 Race 2 Finish travel blog

this is where the flagman stands

this man appears to be the official traffic watcher on the track

by the time we arrived practice was already in session

the official "GO!" - and with the blue and yellow flag he's...

Simona de Silvestro and Sarah Fisher

some debris on the track brings out the yellow flag

they also have these lights that flash yellow to get the driver's...

the yellow flag brings the cars into the pits - this one...

grandpa confers with a member of his team

then heads over for a word with his grandson/driver

who had better listen!

you don't want to get this close to A.J. unless you're telling...

looks like a last minute wing adjustment

while the boss looks on

time to go green again - if I could just find that...

team mates Jay Howard and Sarah Fisher

Ana Beatriz heads in to the pits


a crewman lifts off the engine cowling

Davey Hamilton's 21 car

Madolyn checks out the list of drivers - and check out the...

it's a happy group


sometimes the best action is in the stands

Sarah Fisher signs autographs

heroine to every little girl at the track - and some of...

Firestone has a booth with the vendors

this was an aerodynamics study done in a Missouri high school


a Scott Dixon backup car on display

and a couple of race fans

traffic directors at the Paddock road (in yellow) have their hands full...

we decided to take another stroll through the Paddock

A.J. kindly provides his crew bicycles to get around on

the media interviews driver Sebastian Saaveda from Bogota, Columbia

Sebastian drives the 29 car

a Newman-Haas guy talks on his cell phone while casually smoking a...

Graham Rahal's body parts

removed so the crew can work on his car

taking Davey Hamilton's car out for a run

Helio Castroneves car and crew - hoping to make him a four...

Scott Dixon's crew - this car is turning some near-top lap speeds...



cool kid

Paul Tracy's 15 car

this is where they do the tech inspections and they're doing one...

they have Dan Wheldon's 4 car on the stand

tech nazi

measuring the height of the rear wing

they go over the cars very carefully and if they find any...

Davey Hamilton team mate Rafael Matos waits his turn at tech

2 car detail

these cars are so beautiful it's hard to take your eyes off...

cockpit - with all the electronics steering wheels can cost as much...

Graham Rahal's team keeps in shape pushing his car out to the...

blew all their money on a steering wheel and can't afford a...

Marco Andretti's venomous 26 car

a good opportunity to see what's inside Hideki Mutoh's 6 car

radiators are under the side scoops

air and exhaust gas exits - the little muffler explains the noise

rear wheel brakes and suspension - the same air flow cools them

now this looks like a $20,000 steering wheel

no one would ever call these mechanics 'grease monkeys'

Tony Kanaan's 11 car - as in 7/11

the 7 car belongs to Danica Patrick

Sarah Fisher - her father in law is co-owner of the team...


at the end of the Paddock isTurn 1

a noisey but exciting place

Turn 1 wildlife

when a car goes by he just squats down and waits for...

1955 Sumar Streamliner - finished 9th at Indy but in 1959 set...

three days later driver Marshall Teague was killed trying to beat his...

it is powered by an Offenhauser engine and has been restored

back in the stands we watch Tony Kanaan waiting to go out



race fans

Danica Patrick pits and climbs out of her car

the crew takes the car back to the Paddock garage

while Danica confers with another crewman

this is one tough little warrior

the day is winding down but there is still a lot going...

more race fans - oblivious to the Kanaan drama going on behind...

get in the car - get out of the car - get...

Team Lotus appears with rookie Takuma Sato's 5 car

Milka Duno's on the track

her speeds would be fast for us - but they're slow out...

race fans - father and son

from the top of the stands we have a good view of...

our seats for the race are in that farthest grandstand - the...

should be good seats - with a view of the back straight,...

our campground is behind those stands across the track

Oh oh - Dan Wheldon has hit the wall coming out of...

from all the sparks and smoke in the video replay you'd think...

they don't tow these cars in - they just pick them up...

they'll work on it tonight and by tomorrow it'll be back on...

this is how you know the day is over!

Movie Clips - Playback Requirements - Problems?

(MP4 - 678 K)

Mario Romancini in Turn 1

(MP4 - 622 K)

Takuma Sato coming out of pit road

(MP4 - 1.02 MB)

Ana Beatriz in Turn 1

(MP4 - 1.68 MB)

action on the front straight

And that's OK!


The rain shortened Saturday's practice and the rookies didn't get in their runs, so today's practice started early. Not as big a crowd today, and the sky still looks threatening. The story of the day is told in the picture captions, and if you have the patience to wade though them you don't need a lot more stuff to read here - so that's it for this page!

Note: Keep in mind as you look at the pictures - that those cars on the track may look like they're parked, but in the straight away some of them are reaching speeds in excess of 230 miles per hour. At that speed they cover a distance longer than a football field every second!

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