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Goodbye, Greece

Hello, home! The beautiful Tulip Tree greeted us to spring time U.S.A.!

Our weeping cherry tree welcomes us home

Our wonderful adventure to Greece is now over. We give thanks for so many things: the wonderful people we met along the way, the beauty of each place we visited, the nice weather, the smooth transportation and the grace-filled way God guided us step by step along the way. While in Greece we used many modes of transportation; planes, trains, high speed rail, trolley, taxi, local bus, intercity bus,ferry, subway and of course our feet. Each of the mass transportation modes was very clean and always on time. We also give thanks that our feet and bodies survived at least 5 miles of walking most days, most of which was on rough, steep terrain or stone roads.

I am writing this from our home in Perrysburg. Yesterday went without a hitch. We had a brief opportunity to view Athens one more time before we had some breakfast at the hotel.

All of our means of transportation were on time or early. Our biggest concern was our connection in Detroit. Our plane from N.Y. was scheduled to land at 9:05 and our flight to Toledo left at 9:35. Fortunately the flight from NY landed 40 minutes early giving us plenty of time to get to our new gate. The remaining 17 minute flight was almost a joke after the many hours we'd experienced coming home from Athens.

The meals on our transatlantic flight were actually pretty good. We both chose cheese filled cannelloni for lunch which came with a salad, piece of cheese, roll and cookie. We were later given a snack of ice cream and a light supper of 4 cheese pizza. After we boarded the plane to Detroit, we had one last meal of Greek cheese, bread and bananas which we'd purchased before leaving Greece.

Our bags were among the first to come out in NY. Going through customs in JFK airport went very smoothly. We ended up seeing 3 of the 4 terminals trying to get to the right gate. Our departure gate changed after our boarding passes were printed. Fortunately we had ample time to find our new gate. Getting our luggage in Toledo was almost a joke. There were 3 bags and 2 were ours! At least there were no crowds to deal with.

It was nice to sleep in our own bed and Jim really enjoyed a real shower!

Perrysburg greeted us this morning with sunshine, and our tulip tree and weeping cherry tree are in full bloom giving the garden in the B&B in Rhodes a run for its money.

Thanks for traveling with us. Hopefully there will be more adventures down the road.

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