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St. Anthony , NL - Triple Falls RV Park - Site 20

St. Anthony , NL - Triple Falls RV Park - Site 20,...

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 0 - our route - 122...

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 1

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 2

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 3

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 4

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 5

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 6

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 7 - they grow their gardens...

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 8 - another garden with plastic...

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 9

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 10

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 11

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 12 - the land becomes more...

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 13 - a couple more gardens

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 14

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 15 - we are getting back...

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 16

Port au Choix to St. Anthony 17

Fishing Point 1 - the village of St. Anthony as seen from...

Fishing Point 2 - the shoreline and St. Anthony Bight across the...

Fishing Point 3

Fishing Point 4 - this display in the museum at Fishing Point...

Fishing Point 5 - Coyotes

Fishing Point 6 - Black Bear

Fishing Point 7 - Polar Bear killed locally

Fishing Point 8 - Beaver

Fishing Point 9 - Mink

Fishing Point 10 - Red Fox

Fishing Point 11 - St. Anthony Lighthouse

Fishing Point 12

Fishing Point 13

Fishing Point 14

A PBY aircraft that had been used in forest fire fighting now...

St. Anthony to L'anse aux Meadows 1

St. Anthony to L'anse aux Meadows 2

St. Anthony to L'anse aux Meadows 3

St. Anthony to L'anse aux Meadows 4 - we must have seen...

St. Anthony to L'anse aux Meadows 5 - a sled used to...

St. Anthony to L'anse aux Meadows 6

St. Anthony to L'anse aux Meadows 7

St. Anthony to L'anse aux Meadows 8

St. Anthony to L'anse aux Meadows 9

St. Anthony to L'anse aux Meadows 10 - the fog is starting...

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 1

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 2 - the Viking sculpture on a hill...

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 3 - Helge Ingstad found the landing site...

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 4 - the largest building found with 7...

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 5 - one of the one room buildings

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 6 - and another

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 7 - the rebuilt building in the last...

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 8 - the furnace and forge building where...

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 9 - the replica furnace and forge building

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 10 - one of the outbuildings

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 11 - a large five room building

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 12 - the replica five room building

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 13 - loom inside the five room building

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 14 - one of the five rooms

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 15 - another couple of the rooms

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 16 - the main room of the building

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 17 - a boat being built

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 18 - the sculpture representing two worlds meeting...

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 19 - a longer range shot showing the...

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 20 - out tour guide has lived in...

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 21

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 22

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 23

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 24 - one of the last things found...

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 25 - some of the shoreline

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 26

L'anse aux Meadows NHS 27

Coming into Goose Bay, NL

Our trip from Port au Choix to St. Anthony encompassed 122 miles of driving on up the coast and then across the Northern Peninsula to reach the Eastern side of it. It was another beautiful drive and the roads were very good for the most part. We are a little over 5 miles outside St. Anthony at Triple Falls RV Trailer Park. We have 30 amps and water, so-so WiFi and absolutely no Verizon coverage. We are in a section that is heavily wooded and reminds me of Florida state parks, though there is a section here that is like the RV parking lots we have seen and stayed in up here.

After getting set up we ventured into St. Anthony to check it out and see what it had. We spent quite a bit of time at the end of the road which is Fishing Point. We first stopped at a visitor's center, gift shop and museum combined. The museum was the best we have seen while up here, explaining a lot about Newfoundland. We then saw the lighthouse and went for lunch at the Lightkeepers Cafe for the best food we have had in Canada. Doris had scallops (LOBSTER is out of season) and I had cod and it was perfect! Afterwards we parked on the point and watched for whales for a while. We saw something but it was so far off we are not sure what it was. They looked like porpoises but could have been Minke whales. After they finished passing through we headed on back to camp.

Thursday we headed for L'anse aux Meadows which is about 18 miles from here and is the main draw for tourist to this area. The L'anse aux Meadows National Historic Site is the Northern most point in Newfoundland and is the site of a major archaeological find in 1960 when the first European settlement in North America was discovered. It dates back over 1,000 years and Norse involvement was proven once they fund a brass cloak pin that was common to the Norse of that time. They of course have taken many artifacts but the dig was at first left open for visitors to see but in the 70s, the area started deteriorating by being left open so they put soil back on top to preserve them. That is what you will see today, but the building outlines are very evident still. They have also built a replica village basing it on three or four of the buildings involved. We were fortunate to have as a guide a man that had been born and lived all his life in the village of L'anse aux Meadows, about a quarter-mile from the historical site. Since he was a young boy playing in the area during the find and subsequent dig and had also been involved in building the replica site, he had a lot of insight to relay to us. It was all very fascinating. Due to this find being so recent, you wonder when we will find evidence of other villages along Eastern North America in the future. Part of the writings that led to them finding this village refers to a "Vinland" where wild grapes grew. They believe this might refer to the New England area but have found nothing to date.

Friday we woke to rain so we just stayed in all day. Well I did leave once to go into town and get my "ears lowered." It sure feels good to get that done as it is my first haircut since entering Canada. I went to real barber shop. Remember those places where you would go on Saturday mornings and everyone caught up on all the goings-on as we waited our turn with the distinct smell a barber shop has. No perm or dye smell, just good old hair tonic! That's what this place was. It's a shame they are almost extinct back in the USA. I love the "hair stylist" that does my hair back home but a hair salon doesn't compare to a good ole barber shop in my opinion.

Saturday we did a lot of cleaning up and maintenance items around the Mothership. I finally had a chance to try getting some of the tar off her that she accumulated driving through one of the construction zones. Got it all off one side of her and one side of Libby. Doris defrosted the fridge and did a lot of other little things inside we had been putting off until we had time for them. We figure we will be boondocking the next two days and one of those she will be left alone as we go to Labrador for one night so we had a few things to do in preparation for that.

Later in the afternoon we went back into St. Anthony and to Fishing Point to check on the whales. Again we were fortunate to see a few and this time they were a little closer so that we could tell they were Minke whales. It's a good thing there are so many of them here since the Orcas killed two more over by where we had been below St. John's. I think this happens all of the time but it has been more noticeable this year because they are doing it closer to shore and whale tour boats have been witness to two of the attacks.

After seeing the whales we went back to the Lightkeepers Cafe for another scrumptious lunch of scallops and cod before heading South to Goose Bay. It's only about five miles from St. Anthony and is a little fishing village much like the many others we have seen this trip.

Tomorrow we head for St. Barbe where we will spend the night before catching the ferry to Labrador on Monday. This may be our last entry until Tuesday night when we hope to have WiFi again.

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