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We are back in soccutz mate! livin the life with my good friend Hayley.

an tings de never be bettah

Yesterday, after spending five nights on the breezy beautiful caye caulker island, Hayley and i convinced everyone to come with us to the Belize Zoo! we woke up kinda early and got packed up and out of our hotel at 9:55am. The day before was my mom's birthday! We spent it mostly relaxed, as the day before we had exerted ourselves by snorkeling, and we were all a bit more than a little bit sunburned!

WE did however do a bit of wandering around and mom bought a nice dress and Evan bought her a beautiful sarong! And after snorkeling a bit at the Split (the far end of the island, where there is a channel and then the tip of another island. or the rest of caye caulker), we were walking home when perchance we smelled something real nice. It was a little woman selling her homemade belizean food for 10 dollars Belize! we got whole fried fish, rice with stewed beans, chicken broth, and really good potato salad. We ate a bit outside in the sea breeze but mom's sunburned bum was complaining about the hard wooded bench and so we all had to go back to the hotel and shower before we could finish our meal! Which was nice, i always like to have a break midway through big meals. you know, let it all sink in a bit before I gobble the whole thing down. We then watched some movies and mom and Evan and Devon went for a walk and i hear that they had some really good jams with some island Rastas!

So that was moms birthday and yesterday we went to the zoo! the zoo was really incredible. I patted a tapir and a coatimundi! the animals were all very used to people and would really come right up to the cage more often than not! there were margays and jaguarundis, and an occelot (all little wild cats), and a puma and a jaguar! the jaguar's name was junior and he was absolutely majestic! We payed 100 dollars belize for all six of us to go into this little cage and have him jump on top of the cage and touch his feet and his fur! and he Licked my forehead through the mesh cage! it was so deadly awesome to be close to such a wonderful being. his head was HUGe and his eyes golden and as big as golf balls! He was a bit cocky actually, now that i think about it! He really strut his stuff, a bit of a show off. But all the better for me cause he warnt shy at all!

I saw a howler monkey up close, and got to feed some scarlet macaws! so cool! there were also some big hawks and two Harpie eagles which are the biggest eagles and maybe even the biggest birds of prey in the world! Agoutis and white tailed deer! and after the zoo had closed and we were just wandering around, we witnessed a colourful snake (blue yellow and green) kill and toad, rip it from the fence where is was holding on fast with its little toad fingers, and carry the whole thing off into the bushed, practically jumping with its crazy swirley snake run!

oo ya crocodiles too, we saw, and it was especially cool petting the tapir! he was sooo cute! and i had a long moment with these gorgeous little toucanettes! like toucans but with a smaller beak and more red and yellow coloured than blue and green. They were precious and got a good look at me for true!

SO that was pretty rad!and we spent today mostly chilling out and relaxing in succotz! i introduced hayley to my friends and we had a good meal for which hayley cooked up flour tortillas! yum yum. a tomalito after that and im packed full!

WE spent today tubing down the river! smoking joints and shooting through rapids!! All under the sunny blue Caribbean sky!

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