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Posada Amazonas opened its doors in 1998 and has kept it's promise as an authentic eco-tourist experience. It is a rustic 30 bedroom community partnership eco-tourist project that is jointly owned by the Ese-Eja community of Infierno and is situated inside the community's private reserve.

Using local materials and architecture, the lodge is community built and all profits go back into the community including those made by the boutique wares.

It is awesome, there are no doors, no windows, at night you sleep to the sounds of the frogs, crickets and monkeys!!

Today we were to get up at 4am to visit the young river otters but it was raining so we were just woken up to be told we didn't have to get up!!! Instead we went out about 8am after breakfast to visit a medicinal garden and Shaman, the one the boys were to see later tonight.

In the afternoon we went on a hike to an inland lake where we drifted around on a catamaran, bird watched and fished for piranha.

Had a big few days so i'll keep this short... bedtime is at 8.30pm!!

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