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cell phone lot

It was another rainy day. We stayed home to clean and launder, getting out home away from home ready for our much anticipated guest from Germany. As we cleaned we kept an eye on that Lufthansa flight from Munich on the computer. We could see that there were thunderstorms in Charlotte, which delayed touchdown a bit. A little later our cell phone rang and Hartmut's cheery tones were on the other end. He had made it through immigration and he was officially in the New World.

About the same time he boarded the flight to Phoenix, we got in the car to drive to Phoenix to pick him up. With our beloved GPS it all went smoothly. We found a cell phone lot near the US Air terminal that had a display screen letting us know when the plane landed and when he would be ready to be picked up. Very convenient. Isn't technology wonderful?

And there was Hartmut's smilling face by the baggage carousel. He was an amazingly good condition considering the fact that he had been up since 1am. Predictably, he had been well fed and entertained on the Lufthansa flight across the Atlantic and had received nothing on the domestic flight. A goodie bag and pillow in our back seat, made the trip back to Flagstaff as comfortable as possible. Let the adventures begin!

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