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dead mirror

$843 + tax to replace


It started nice enough. We joined Barb & Gary for a stroll around the Harrison Lake and chatted about our plans for Down Under this winter. We wanted to leave at 10am, because we had 300 miles to go. Well, it was more like 10:30 when we left, but that should have been no big deal. Since the diesel prices in Ohio are considerably cheaper than what lies ahead, we got off the turnpike to refuel. Getting back on meant another encounter with a toll booth. The words "Boy, this area is mighty narrow," were hardly out of my mouth than the mirror on my side of the rig got caught on the neighboring toll booth and ripped off. Changing lanes with a forty foot motor home and car behind it is hard enough when you can see, but without the mirror, Ken cannot see the lane to his right. This mirror is heated and blinks when we are turning, so it isn't something you can stop at the nearest truck stop to buy.

As Ken drove on, I turned on the air card and surfed the web looking for for RV dealers along the route. While it was cool to be on the web as we drove along, the bouncing made it tough to locate the cities on the map. I called one and they said they had no mirrors in stock. Disappointing... Maybe we could stop at Camping World and jerry rig something until we can get the mirror replaced. There was a Camping World in Akron which took us a bit out of our way. The man there tried to be helpful, but it was clear that the solution was not to be found there. As we returned to the expressway, the GPS put us in the left lane when we should have been turning right. I peered out of the side window as Ken stared at the TV screen which helps him to back up and we were able to move to the right lane without further misadventure. Whew!!

But all this put us severely behind schedule. The last part of the drive was through twisting, winding mountain roads. We didn't want to do this in the dark nor try to find the campsite after sunset. Thank goodness for these long summer days. At 7:30 with growling stomachs and relieved faces we pulled in to a lovely campground built by the Army Corps of Engineers. We're here to ride part of the 325 mile Allegheny bike trail, river raft and see Fallingwater, the famous house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Tomorrow will be better.

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