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We camped at Fort De Soto Park, during Christmas break in the early 70's. It was such an impressive park we vowed to return, never dreaming it would take us so long. Sometimes things that wowed us when we were in our twenties no longer have the same impact. However, this spot holds up nicely. We are so pleased with the spacious campsites many on the water, that we made a reservation to come back again after we return to the area from Orlando. The park is huge; one of the parking lots at the beach is so large we couldn't see from one end to another. Because the temperatures are cool for the Florida natives, we pretty much have the beach to ourselves. Our old friends Barb & Charlie, who knew us since long before we all had wrinkles and gray hair, have moved to the area and spending our first day here with them, made it even more special. A paved bike path leads from our campsite to the beaches and passed by the fort and a spot to rent kayaks. The beach has the consistency of baby powder and is covered with shells and sand dollars. We walked the sea shore for about two hours catching up with one another and enjoying the scenery. While there are many other interesting things to do here in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, Barb & Charlie may need some dynamite to blast us out of the campground. It would be easy to spend a week of two in this idyllic spot.

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