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Mike's Northwest Look

Approaching the Humboldt Bar

"Surfing" into the bar

The bar from astern

Artsy Fish house

Urban railroad art

Waterfront next in the Eureka Historic District

Carson Mansion built in 1885 was built to keep millworkers busy during...

Detail of the Carson mansion is impressive

Wild blackberries can be found all over Northern CA

I really liked the brick and siding of this building

Mural at the theater

Another mural

Brick work on the Court House/Post Office

We had a relatively calm passing of Cape Mendocino yesterday and arrived in the early afternoon in Eureka which means, "I have found it!". We found the Humboldt bar entrance alright...there were 4-6 ft. waves breaking into the harbor/bar entrance. Luckily they were not breaking on our stern though surfing down them was a little unnerving for me. Mike was calm and cool and we both learned what a real bar is all about. This was not our first (Morro Bay, Bodega Bay and Noyo River/Fort Bragg) but this was the first that seemed to earn our respect. I have personally decided the only bars I like serve microbrews! Unfortunately, we have many more to pass through on our trek north.

Mike has decided that everyone needs some stats on our stops so here goes. Eureka is a city of 26,000 residents with 40" annual rainfall,an average summer temperature of 52-65F (I wore gloves today), average home price of $267,000 and sits 6 miles inside the Humboldt bar/bay. The town has lots of old and well restored victorian style homes some now used as businesses. In addition we saw the beautiful William Carson mansion which was originally a home for a lumber magnate and pioneer but is now a private club with restricted access. We found a really great Mexican restaurant, a Costco and lots of young people from 25-45 that have had better days. Other than a huge logging and mill presence on the bay there appears to be little in the way of commerce here. Perhaps that is why there is a fairly large number of these young folks that look a bit lost here. Other than that our stay is short, two nights and off we go tomorrow morning to Crescent City, the last California port of call, as weather is cooperating very well for now. Cheers!

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