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Well here we are in the small town of Hohenwald waiting for the banjos to start. As you can see the leaves down here are beautiful and have just started to fall. The weather has been utterly divine and even some afternoons almost too hot to do anything. We did go to the GRAND OLE OPRY(LORI)an hope you like them. We also went for a 3 mile walk in the woods. We went in the woods and I wasn’t sure we were coming back out. It all looked the same to me and the trail was not marked very well. We found a monster in the woods – he looks so devious waiting for the right prey

I wonder what’s in that OPRY LAND bag. We’ve been tryin to stay in theses little towns. They are more friendly and always welcome us.

Opryland is a city all in itself and boy is it always pretty. Flowers were everywhere and there were lots of people taking care of them The best thing of all was the Coffee shop that we found in town. What a chance of a million. Different coffee an goodies all over. But Jason it was not as nice as yours and we sure miss that morning coffee.

I will continue to enjoy myself and be as happy as possible. Everything is good and no one is sick and that’s a good thing. My grandson is growing so fast I won’t be able to hug him like us grandmas do.

Enough of that slobbering. Tell all at home we are well. Still moving South slowly as the mornings here are getting cold.

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